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Geechee Kunda holds harvest event
geechee kunda sugar cane harvest 1
Geechee Kunda family member Miss Lucky tells guests a tale about life on a rice plantation years ago. - photo by Frenchi Jones

“Welcome home, my sister, my brother. Come jine we.”

Those were the words spoken as several Liberty County and Savannah residents “jined”( means “joined” in the Geechee language) together for the fourth annual Geechee Kunda Sugar Cane Harvest and Crafts Show.

The harvest took place this past Saturday on the Geechee Kunda rice plantation and museum in Riceboro. Harvest goers enjoyed a sweet treat of sugar cane juice and syrup while enjoying performances by Miss Lucky, Jamal Toure, the African spirit man, and J'miah Nabawi, the storyteller.

 The Geechee Kunda was founded by Jim and Pat Bacote to preserve the elements of the African culture that exist in the Gola-Kissi or Geechee Kunda lands of the Southeastern U.S. The Geechee Kunda museum offers are variety of rotating exhibits, activities, classes, workshops and demonstrations.

To see video of the event, go to Monday evening. 

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