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Gop focusing on rebirth of party
The Liberty County Republican Party members gathered Saturday morning after holding elections to discuss their upcoming year full of new goals and resolutions. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Like other Republicans around the country, Liberty County GOP members said after the last election and the end of George Bush’s administration, they now find themselves challenged with the task of trying to redefine their values, goals and image, and defend the past president.
Equipped with new leadership, under Roger Wells, who was elected chairman on Saturday, the group had its first meeting in the Midway Civic Center in order to start the process.
“The Republican Party has to redefine itself, but we don’t need to abandon the very principles that make us Republican,” John Wood, first vice president, said.
Some of their biggest concerns in terms of values include an emphasis on small government and reduced taxation and spending. Wells said they can achieve these goals by electing officials who will stop policies set forth by President Obama.
Also in terms of defining values as well as creating a new image for Republicans, Wells presented a draft of his “Resolution on the Current Economic Crisis in the United States and its Causes,” which he soon hopes to send to the district office for approval.
In the article, Wells states the group’s belief that the current economic crisis isn’t solely due to Bush or his policies. The document lists a number of other people they believe instrumental in creating the current financial environment. The list includes Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Christopher Todd, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.
The document notes that some members of their own party, on a national level, are also responsible for the problem by engaging in extravagant spending. It says, however, that decreasing government involvement will help correct the problem.
“I want to make a statement as to what we believe our values to be,” Wells said.
Other priorities and defining values mentioned are the importance of national security and pro-life efforts.
Locally, their main goal is to get more people involved. Wells said he knows many Republicans in the area, and he is calling on them to come together to help rebuild the party.
Other officials elected at the meeting include: Ted Harris, second vice president; Melinda Schneider, secretary; John Ryon, treasurer.
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