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H-ville council awards LMIG contract, updates service to new subdivision
0423 Hinesville Logo
The city's new logo. - photo by Illustration provided

At the Oct. 4 Hinesville City Council meeting, council awarded the 2018 LMIG (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant) bid to Sikes Brothers, Inc., and approved the Liberty Transit route changes as well as approve city water and sewer service for the last seven phases of the Tranquil South Subdivision.

P.C. Simonton and Associates engineer Matthew Barrow presented the bids to council for the LMIG resurfacing project. After a mandatory pre-bid meeting Sept.6, Barrow said, they received three separate bids from Sikes Brothers, Inc., McLendon Enterprises, Inc. and Preferred Materials, Inc.

Barrow recommended awarding the Sikes Brothers, Inc. the LMIG contract, for an amount not to exceed $460,804, he said. 

Council approved unanimously.

Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission Nils Gustavson, on behalf of Liberty Transit, presented the final plans for Liberty Transit’s major route changes for council’s approval. Council approved an updated fare change policy, which Gustavson said that when major changes are made, there is a template to follow. The updated fare change policy conformed to the model, Gustavson continued.

Council also approved the proposed transit and route changes and complimentary paratransit services. The new routes are expected to begin Nov. 1, according to Gustavson.

A request from RTS Homes, LLC., for the city to provide water and sewer services to the remaining seven phases of the Tranquil South Subdivision received approval. Tranquil South is a 243 lot subdivision located at Old Hines Road and O.C. Martin Jr. Drive in Flemington. Paul Simonton with P.C. Simonton and Associates explained necessary changes to accommodate the request.

Council previously approved water and sewer services to the initial phase of 43 lots in Tranquil South on Aug. 16, Simonton said. According to the background he provided, Hinesville has agreements dating back to the 1980s to provide water and sewer service to residents and businesses in Flemington.

“All water and sewer facilities in Flemington are owned and operated by City of Hinesville,” Simonton said. “The sewer system capacity in Flemington is limited by the 10-foot gravity sewer that runs along Highway 84.” The line does not have sufficient capacity to support the remaining lots, Simonton continued.

The resolution, Simonton said, is: to remove the pump station at Gravel Hill Subdivision and installing pipe to gravity flow that wastewater to the new Tranquil South pump station; remove the career center pump station and install piping to gravity flow that wastewater to the Tranquil pump station; and lastly, install the Tranquil South pump station that is designed to pump 143 gallons per minute and eliminate the other pump stations.

Council granted approval for the request and proposed pump station updates.

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