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Hinesville Police Blotter- Oct. 13
HPD blotter-oct 13

Dog Bite: Man’s hand punctured by small dog. Police made contact with a man who had tiny puncture wounds on his hand from a small dog. The man was walking his small dog on the sidewalk when his neighbor’s dog came running across the road. He picked up his dog to protect it from the neighbor’s dog. While trying to shoo away the neighbor’s dog with his hand, the neighbor’s dog bit him on the hand. The neighbor came outside and recovered her dog and apologized for the incident. The neighbor was given a citation for a leash law violation.

Criminal Trespass: Young lover busts out window. Police arrived on the scene in reference to a disturbance and made contact with a woman. The woman stated her boyfriend who she was hesitant to name, broke her window. Police asked the woman how it was broken, and she stated he punched it. She then advised police she didn’t want him to get in trouble. She later advised that her boyfriend was 17 years old and provided a description of him. She stated that she and her boyfriend got into a fight and he left. She then drove after him and convinced him to get back into the car where they continued arguing. Her boyfriend than punched the driver’s side window, shattering it. The woman did not have any additional information on the whereabouts of her boyfriend. 

Theft by Taking: Woman suspects little girl of stealing kitten. Police arrived on the scene and made contact with a woman who stated a little girl in her complex stole her kitten. The woman stated she made contact with the parent of the little girl and was advised the little girl did not have the kitten.  The woman told police she last saw the kitten playing with the little girl. Police advised the woman due to her cats being outdoor cats the kitten may have just wandered off. 

Sexual Assault: Masseuse goes too far. Police made contact with a man who went to a local massage salon. He believed the salon had acted unprofessionally. The man told police that he went to get a massage and the masseuse advised him to turn on his stomach. After the man turned over, the masseuse pulled his underwear below his buttocks and tucked a protective sheet into his underwear. The man told police he froze and didn’t know what to do and continued with the massage. During the massage, the masseuse massaged his butt cheeks, taking 10 minutes on each one. The man became very uncomfortable and tense and the masseuse asked if he was okay. The man did not respond. After the massage the man went to the bathroom to gather himself and began to exit the business. While leaving the massage salon the man asked for the masseuse’s license number, but was refused. The man then decided to file a report with the police.

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