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Hinesville Police Blotter

Indecent exposure: Man exposes himself in a yard. Police arrived on the scene after receiving a call about a male chasing children. Upon approaching the street, police observed a woman running towards a group of children. As the police attempted to make contact with the woman, she advised the man was in the middle of her mother’s yard. Police then located the male in the front yard surrounded by blow up snowmen, Santa, and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. The man was lying on his back with his left arm over his eyes and his right hand on his genitals and moaning. Police then called out to him and he lifted his pants above his waist. While placing the man under arrest, officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol emitting from him. After transporting him to the police department the man attempted several times to pull out his genitals and was reportedly successful. 

Battery: Man attacked by sword. An anonymous complainant called 911 stating a male had been in an altercation the night prior and was cut up by a machete. When police arrived on the scene, they observed that the man had bandages on the top of his head with what appeared to be blood soaked into the bandages. He advised police that he had been attacked with a sword.  The man told police his wife had returned home after being gone for three weeks. When the man asked why she had been gone for so long she stated it was none of his business. He advised police they began arguing when she grabbed a sword and hit him in the head with it. The man began to bleed from his head so he removed his shirt and used it to stop bleeding. The man was asked why he didn’t report the incident when it happened and he responded he didn’t know. Police saw several empty bottles of alcohol in the trash can and asked if he had been drinking and the man advised he had. Police then spoke to the man’s wife who advised she did grab a sword off of the wall above the couch, but to defend herself. She said she threw a nearby flower pot to strike the man on top of his head. Police then allowed the wife to gather some of her belongings so she could leave the residence.

Civil Matter: Woman upset over eyelashes. Police arrived on the scene to a woman who advised that nine days ago she had fake eye lashes put on by an employee at a local nail salon. The following day her eyes started to burn and she returned to the shop. The woman advised the salon put more glue to keep the eyelash in place but the woman’s eyes continued to burn and she went to the emergency room. When the woman contacted the nail salon an employee told her they would refund her money after a few days. After a few days and the money wasn’t returned to her card, the woman returned to the shop to speak with the owner. The owner advised her that she will not refund her money and her employee did not inform her that she will receive a refund. 

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