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Hinesville Smiles unveils new technology
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The dental office of Hinesville Smiles introduced its latest tool this past Friday to help with keeping their patients’ teeth healthy and clean and their smiles white and bright.

The new device is known as the iTero Element which includes digital scanning with Invisalign treatment to increase case volume and drive practice growth. The iTero also has the capability to enhance treatment on everything from crowns to bridges. 

It also helps optimize the practice as well as treatment accuracy and it features 3D visuals that help get a better look at patients’ teeth.  

Dr. Robert Simmons, DDS, and his staff were among the first to test out the new device and receive training. 

Ben Newnam, an Invisalign representative, was at Hinesville Smiles to discuss in detail what the iTero does. 

“The iTero Element Family of scanners are comprehensive 3D intraoral digital scanners that are able to show patients their teeth in ways they have never been able to see before,” he said. “It also gives the office a more comprehensive view of the patient’s mouth allowing for the team to catch problematic areas sooner and prescribe treatment be it preventative, restorative, or orthodontic.”

 “It’s basically aiding an office in going from an analog system to a digital system,” he continued. “We know patient experience is everything, so we want to help offices deliver on that experience consumers have come to expect in other industries.”

Dr. Simmons was highly excited about the new device and believes it could benefit the folks in Hinesville.

“This is technology that few doctors have today,” said Dr. Simmons. “We’ll be able to show the patient what’s going on in their mouth. For instance, if you have a broken-down filling, this instrument will be able to show them that filling and we may want to replace the crown.” 

Dr. Simmons also described what the new equipment can be used for.

“We’ll be able to use it along right there and go in your mouth and take a picture of it,” said Dr. Simmons. “As far as accuracy is concerned, we use a lab down in Florida and when we get to doing the preparation for the crown, we’ll be able to send it there in a matter of seconds. It’s very, very reactive.”

Dr. Simmons went on to say that the equipment will be implemented soon.

“Almost immediately,” said Dr. Simmons. However, he also went on to say that there is another piece of equipment that should be arriving soon which will help expedite the process. 

Dr. Simmons has been a practitioner of dentistry for most of his life.

“Thirty-five years,” said Dr. Simmons. “I graduated from dental school in 1980. I’ve been in Hinesville since November 1984.” 

Dr. Simmons also quoted The Godfather as a means of what made him want to set up shop in Hinesville.

“There was a guy who came to my office one day and he said ‘There’s a practicing doctor. He’s getting all of his kids out of college now, and he wants to give up the building and equipment and all that kind of stuff and it was such a good deal,’” said Dr. Simmons. 

“It was like The Godfather where Marlon Brando says, ‘I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse,’ so that’s what happened to me.” 

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