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Homeowners can sign up now for exemptions
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In response to a request from some community leaders, the Liberty County Board of Assessors will have staff members on hand to sign up applicants for a homestead exemption. The extended hours will be 6-8 p.m. today in the county commissioners' boardroom in the annex building.
Any property owner wishing to apply for any exemption may do so during this time.
Because certain exemptions are income based, all applicants, age 62 or older, should be prepared to verify any statement of income.
The qualifications for the basic homestead exemption are as follows, 1) must be a Georgia resident on or before Jan. 1 of the application year; 2) must be the bona fide legal owner of said property on or before Jan. 1 of the application year; and 3) must occupy said residence on or before Jan. 1 of application year.
Most requests have been for the filing of the Kemp, Deloach, Williams Tax Relief Act. The extended hours will be mainly for the purpose of signing applicants up for this exemption. But applicants must first be recipients of the basic exemption or meet the requirements for filing as set forth in the preceding paragraph.
Please be advised that this date is not the deadline for applying for these exemptions. The deadline for any given year is March 1 of that year. All applicants who opt to take advantage of this extension of hours should know these exemptions, if approved, will not be granted until the 2008 tax year.
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