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HPD Blotter for May 14
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department initial incident reports:

Shots fired: Police were sent to Independence Place around 4:13 a.m. May 3 for a report of shots fired. When they got there they checked around and found “nine .40 caliber shell casings on the ground near the northeastern side of the 400 building.” There was no sign the bullets hit anything. Attempts to find “additional witnesses” came up empty as well.

Suspended license, no headlights: An officer reported around 8:30 p.m. May 2 he spotted an SUV leave Super Walmart with no headlights or taillights, so he initiated a traffic stop. The officer ran the driver’s license and it came back suspended. Then the officer found out the woman had two licenses. Apparently, had been suspended since 2012. She was cited for that license and released. 

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent to Cherokee Rose on May 2 regarding some guys who’d been “driving recklessly on golf carts and damaged a flag pole with a golf cart.” It was reported “they were possibly intoxicated.” It was also reported one of them threatened to beat up one of the complaiannts. 

The men denied damaging the flag but one admitted to making the threat. They were given criminal trespass notices and told to stay off the course. 

Theft by taking: Police were sent to Hawthorne Court around 9 a.m. May 2 regarding a suspicious vehicle parked in the neighborhood. The complainant said she spotted the car sitting in the middle of the road with the windows down and engine running. “She did not call the police right away because she wanted to believe the owner would come back for the vehicle.” After nobody showed, she called. 

The officer checked the car out and found a wallet with a military ID, so authorities were able to find the owner, who said he left his car parked at his home the night before with the engine running and when he went back it was gone. Attempts by him and an NCO to find it was unsuccessful. 

When asked why he didn’t report it to police “he advised his phone was in his vehicle.” The soldier followed the officer back to get his car. 

Vehicle fire: An officer was sent May 1 to a Deveraux Road address regarding a vehicle fire, and when he got there he saw flames “coming from a gold Chevy suburban.”

A witness said his sister was arguing with her boyfriend and “during the argument, (she) grabbed a gasoline container. She poured gasoline on the hood of the vehicle, struck a match and lit a piece of paper on fire before throwing it on the vehicle to set it on fire. He stated (she) went inside of the residence, grabbed her daughter and then departed the area.” 

She was found by police “wearing only a pair of shorts and a bra,” and taken back to the address, where she “appeared to be highly intoxicated or under the influence of an unknown substance. She denied setting the vehicle on fire.” She also denied having a boyfriend. 

The fire department put out the fire. 

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