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HPD Blotters for Dec. 11
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports:


Entering Auto: A man reported that a bag containing military clothing, a spare key to his other car and a pair of shoes was stolen from the back seat of his car. The man said he asked his wife to place the items in the car the prior evening. She did so but when he went to retrieve the items the following morning they were gone. The man said he believed the car was locked overnight. Police reported no evidence of forced entry and the man said nothing else was missing. The man told the officer that he received a text message from his ex-girlfriend a few hours after his wife had claimed she left the items in the car. The man said his ex-girlfriend lives in South Carolina but her text indicated she was in Hinesville that evening. The man said he thinks his ex was the person who stole the items because she had taken things from him in the past including copies of his car keys. The man wasn’t able to provide police with information on where the ex-girlfriend lives and said that she often used various phones to send him text messages and he immediately blocks the number.


Criminal trespass: Police responded to a domestic disturbance where the woman claimed her husband had lost his temper, grabbed a concrete lawn ornament and used it to break all her car windows. The lady said her husband left in his car possibly heading to Florida. Police did find that all the windows of her Volkswagen Jetta were shattered. The woman’s mother confirmed she had witnessed the incident and said that the husband also backed over their satellite dish as he fled the area. 

Burglary/No forced entry/Residence: A man told police that he was asleep on his couch when he suddenly awoke and found a man attempting to steal his flat screen TV. He startled the would-be thief who ran out of the house and down South Main Street. The police found no evidence that the thief had forced his way into the house. The man said he thought the thief was his step-son who he had recently kicked out of his house because of his bad behavior. Police met up with the step-son who said he was at the house earlier that day to gather his belongings but afterwards was at a friend’s house.

Simple Assault: A man told police he was walking in the pathway behind Liberty Square when a man he was familiar with walked by him and said, “I’ll kill you.” The complainant kept walking away but feared the man had a gun and could possibly harm him based on what he had heard about the man from other people. Police could not find the man who allegedly made the threat.

Shoplifting $500 or less: The Walmart store officer observed a woman blocking the bar code of items so they wouldn’t ring up. The women pretended to scan the objects, placed them in her bag and was about to leave when the store officer stopped her. When confronted by police the woman said she was scanning the items and had not realized they didn’t scan. She said she and her husband had money so she didn’t have a need to steal the items. The officer said that blocking the barcode or scanning the wrong side of the barcode was a common method used by shoplifters. He said she failed to pay for 13 of the 16 items she had in her bags, worth $50. The woman then said it could be the medicine she was taking that makes her lose track and forget things. The cop told her to tell it to the judge. She was arrested and booked at the county jail.

DUI, alcohol/Headlights required: An officer pulled over a woman driving a grey Hyundai Elantra near the intersection of Highway 84 and M.L. King Jr. Drive. The officer said the woman’s eyes were glazed over, she had slurred speech and that she smelled of alcohol. When asked, the woman denied having anything to drink. After failing the first sobriety test the woman refused any further testing. The woman also told the officer that she wouldn’t give a breath sample without a warrant. She was arrested for DUI and during her intake she was administered the chemical test. The results showed the woman had blood alcohol levels of .168 and .159. She was cited for the DUI and headlights required and issued a bond of $1,695.

Simple Battery/FVA: A woman reported that her ex-husband started punching her in the face while driving home from a bar. The woman said she and her ex-husband had gone to the bar together but got into a fight on their way home. She said, while driving, her ex-husband began hitting her in the face. After dropping her off in front of her home the ex-husband drove away leaving her with a bloody nose. Police had EMS check out her bloody nose and found the ex-husband who confirmed they were at a bar together where they both drank “a lot.” He said it was his ex-wife who started hitting him while he was driving her home. He said his ex-wife started hit herself in the face while she was trying to hit him.


Simple Battery: A married couple was arguing outside their home and the husband pushed his wife down to the ground. The wife got up and slapped her husband then took off running toward her house. The husband chased her down and shoved her to the ground again. The woman got up and ran in the house and called the police. When police questioned the husband he confirmed they were arguing but that his wife tripped and fell on the ground. He said he attempted to help her off the ground but she slapped him. Police reported the couple seemed intoxicated and that they admitted to drinking prior to the fight.

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