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HPD Blotters Dec. 30
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Felony shoplifting

A man is going to be upset when he realizes the $830 iPhone he stole from Cricket Wireless in Hinesville was placed on the black list and locked by the cell phone provider rendering it useless. The Cricket Store employee told police that a white male dressed in green camouflage pants, a black jacket with a white hoodie and a black hat had entered the store and was looking at phones while she was helping a customer. She said the male was looking at a particular phone that he grabbed and ran out of the store with when she went into the back room to retrieve an item for her customer. She said the male was wearing a full-face mask, but he appeared to be 5-feet, 7-inches tall and about 170 pounds. She said the serial number of the stolen phone was reported so the company locked it out of service.


A woman reported that someone had stolen her generator and two leaf blowers from her backyard shed. The complainant’s lawn maintenance man confirmed that two leaf blowers worth $175 each and a generator worth $1,100 were now missing from the shed. He said he takes care of the complainant’s yard every two weeks and the items were there when he last visited. When he noticed they were gone he had the woman call the police. Whoever took the items allegedly used a bolt cutter to remove a lock that was attached to the generator.

Simple Battery

An iHOP employee said a former employee spit at her and made violent threats on her life after she tired escorting the hostile former employee out the back door of the restaurant. The employee said the woman had been fired the day before and had gone into the restaurant yelling that she wanted her paycheck. She said the former employee ran toward her home at Eagle Creek Mobile Home Park when she saw that the complainant had called the police. Officers attempted to contact the former employee, but they were unsuccessful.

Suspicious Acts

A man reported that someone had taken the air out of his tires during the night and said he thinks it was his ex-girlfriend. He told officers that his ex-girlfriend had come to his house the night before, but he refused to let her in his house. 

Terroristic Threats and acts

A woman was informed she was not allowed to be begging for money inside a convenience store after a store employee called police to report the incident. The complainant said the woman called her a bad named and threatened her with violence when she asked the woman to leave the store. Before this incident, this same woman had placed several harassing phones calls and made threats to the Hinesville Police Department front desk operator. The woman was reportedly calling HPD to report an incident in her neighborhood. Each time the desk operator told the woman to hold on while she transferred her call to an officer. Instead, the woman complained she would not be heard and hung up. She also yelled expletives to the operator. When police realized the woman at the convenience store was the same woman who had harassed the front desk operator, they arrested her and took her to jail.

Battery – FVA

Police responded to a home on Fraser Circle and found a woman with a bloody and swollen upper lip. The woman said her boyfriend had punched her in the mouth after she talked back at him when he was saying nasty things to her. The boyfriend had left the scene prior to officers arriving.

Obstruction of an officer

An officer noticed the driver of a car who had just passed him, was not wearing a seatbelt. The officers attempted a traffic stop and the car pulled into the parking lot of the Circle K. jumped out of the car and ran behind the store. The officer reported what the man was wearing and the direction he ran. Another officer spotted the suspect and stopped him. Once the first officer confirmed he was the driver of the car, the driver admitted he ran because he didn’t have his driver’s license. The officers found what they think is a marijuana cigarette in his pocket and more suspected marijuana in the car. Officers confirmed the suspect had a suspended license and was arrested. Police called the owner of the vehicle who picked up the car and was told the driver had damaged the front of the vehicle when he hit the curb entering the Circle K.

-Patty Leon

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