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HPD Blotters June 16
HPD Badge

Patty Leon

Theft by deception

An HPD officer met with a complainant who said she was deceived in a Facebook purchase she made. She reported she was contacted by a Facebook friend who said he had items for sale. The complainant said she added this person to her Facebook years ago. She reported that the Facebook friend said he worked at Best Buy in Illinois and would sometimes get items that he would then sell on Facebook. She decided to purchase a Play Station 5 and an Apple iPad. She agreed to pay $996.25 for the items and sent the funds via CashApp and Facebook Pay. The complainant reported she never received the products and the Facebook friend has since blocked her from his account.

Theft by taking motor vehicle

An HPD officer was dispatched to a home on Abrahams Alley in reference to a stolen vehicle. While in route to the home the officer checked to see if the vehicle had been repossessed but it was not in the repo-log. When he arrived at the home, he spoke with a woman who reported her car was parked in her driveway. She said at 12:22 she walked to her car, opened the door and got a pair of shoes out of her car. She said at approximately 12:46 she looked out her window and the car was gone. The woman said she still had both sets of keys and no one else had access to her car. She also reviewed her surveillance camera footage, which faces the driveway, and there was no footage of the car leaving her driveway. The missing car is a 2017 white Toyota Camry with a Texas license tag JHR3092.

Aggravated assault

An HPD officer was dispatched to a home on Idus Lane to check on a possible domestic violence call. The officer arrived to find a man and a woman placing household articles into the woman’s car.  The officer asked if everything was okay. Both said everything was fine and the woman said she just wanted to get her property out of the house. The officer remained on scene as the woman gathered her property. The officer noticed that the man had scratches on the right side of his neck.  The man said the lady had scratched his neck due to an argument. The woman replied she scratched him to get him off her. She said she caught the man texting another woman, felt disrespected, took his phone and tossed it. When it hit the floor, it damaged the phone. The woman said the man got mad and grabbed her by the neck with his left hand pushing her back to the back door, a wall, and then taking her to the ground while still maintaining his hand on her neck.

She said once she was pinned on the ground she could barely breathe. The man released her, and she was able to get up. She went on to say that the man grabbed her by the arms and threw her on the couch and was not letting her go so she attempted to “headbutt” him. She said the man released her arms and held her by the ankles. She said at this point she began kicking at him and he released her. She said she got up and slapped him in the face.  She said the man threatened to kill her if she hit him again. Fearing he might kill her she locked herself in the bedroom. She said the man grabbed a knife from the kitchen and opened the door so she went into the bathroom and locked the door and called 911. The officer noticed marks on the woman’s neck.

The man said he was sitting on the couch texting a friend on his phone and the woman came inside the house. He said he handed her a laptop and she went into the bedroom. The man said a few minutes later, the woman stepped out of the bedroom and came at him grabbing his phone and punching him in the face. He admitted that he grabbed her by the arms and put her on the couch. He also admitted he said he was “going to kill her” in the heat of the moment. The man said he let the woman go, and she kept kicking at him. He claimed the woman threw a hookah at him but it hit the floor shattering on the ground.

The woman said she didn’t want to report anything initially because she wanted to grab her stuff and just leave. The officer remained at the home while the woman gathered her items. The officer will be requesting an arrest warrant on the man for aggravated assault, choking.

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