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HPD Blotters for Oct. 28
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From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Theft by taking

Police responded to a theft call at a home on Cambridge Ct.  The officer spoke with a woman who appeared to be heavily intoxicated and often stopped in mid conversation to yell something at her husband. The woman said she placed her husband’s sword, a gift he received from his Army battalion when he retired, next to the screen back door of the sunroom of her house. The woman said she placed it there because she had heard gunshots in the area. The woman said she had placed the sword there the day before and today noticed it was missing. Her husband said the sword with silver with a gold-tone handle and worth about $100. The officer checked the door for forced entry but didn’t find any. He did notice that the flashing holding the latch connector was loose which meant the door could be opened without force. 

Simple battery

A woman walked into the Hinesville Police Department to say her husband had hit her in her right arm with a closed fist. The woman said she and her husband started arguing when she asked her husband about a past indiscretion. Her husband admitted he once had a threesome in 2006. She got angry at him and decided to admit her own indiscretion of sleeping with her husband’s best friend in their bed back in 1983. Her husband got mad and struck her. The officer reported he didn’t see any visible injuries on the woman’s arm.

Disorderly conduct

A woman reported that a man she knew started banging on the front door of her home on Brantley Drive at 5:17 p.m. She said the man demanded she let him in her home and claimed she had his belongings in her house. The woman told the officers that she didn’t have any of the man’s belongings and told the man to leave or she would call police. The woman said the man replied, “Good because you’re going to need them after I beat your old a**.” That is when the woman called police.

Suspicious Acts

A couple called police to report that their neighbor had taken some items from the front porch of their home on Peggy Sue St. The complainants said they both left the house for work for the day. Upon their return they could clearly see their folding wood table and dining room chair now at their neighbor’s house. The complainants said they didn’t want to press charges and that the neighbor could keep the items, but they wanted to file a report, but this has happened before. The officer spoke to the neighbor who claimed he thought the couple had moved out of the hose and left the items on the front porch, so he took them. He offered to return the items. The officer told the neighbor he could keep the items, but he is to stay away from his neighbor’s property from now on. 

Terroristic Threats and acts

Police officers showed a couple how to file for a restraining order after the woman’s son threatened to beat them both up and destroy their home.  The woman said her son is bi-polar and thinks they are showing favoritism to her son’s girlfriend and child that the couple cares for during the day. The woman showed the text messages to the officer. The woman said he is using his girlfriend’s phone to send the message because they had blocked and suspended their son’s cell phone. She added that her son is suicidal but also think her son would carry out his threats and they feared for their lives.

Assist citizen

A woman called police to report she was concerned that her daughter had not come home. She said they had an argument, and her daughter left the house. She said they’ve argued before and her daughter would come home after cooling off. Later that day she sent her other daughter to pick up her sister from work. But her employer said she had worked her shift, left a bit early and someone had already picked her up. The woman feared her daughter would tell people that her mother had kicked her out of the house, which isn’t the case. She was also concerned that her daughter had not come home to pick up any clothing and didn’t know whether she had attended school. The officer checked in with the school resource office who said the girl had attended school the past two days. The officer called the woman who said that as long as she was going to school, she didn’t care if she was staying with a friend. 

- Patty Leon

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