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HPD Blotters for Sept. 30
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From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Simple battery / criminal trespass

A woman reported that she got a ride from a friend who later punctured her bicycle tire and threw her bike out of the bed of his pickup truck. She said when the man stopped to drop her off, he reached for something by the driver’s door. She said she got out of the truck and was lifting her bike out of the bed when the driver used something he had in his hands and punctured her bike tire. When she confronted the driver, the woman reported he grabbed her by the arm but she was able to break free from his grip. She said he grabbed her bike and threw it on the ground. She said when she went to pick up her bicycle, he attempted to grab her again. She told the officers she didn’t know why he was treating her that way. The driver got back in his truck and left before officers arrived. 

Domestic problem

A man reported that his boyfriend hit him after a verbal fight escalated into a physical confrontation. The man said the fight started over a video that he received on his cellphone that showed his boyfriend.  The complainant had a small injury over his eye and fought back by hitting his boyfriend with a broom. The boyfriend told officers that he wanted to get his belongings out of the house and leave. 

Felony shoplifting

Police were dispatched to the Super Walmart where it was reported that a woman had put on a pair of shoes and placed her old shoes in her backpack. The woman then attempted to leave the store without paying for the shoes. During the investigation, the woman admitted to taking the shoes. 

Criminal trespass

A woman reported that someone had damaged her car. She said her daughter had noticed some dents and scratches, but she thought they were dents that the car has had for a while. But the woman said she took a closer look at her car later that day and found new damage on the passenger side fender and hood and more damage at the top of her trunk. The woman said she has an idea who might have done the damage but didn’t want to say who, because she has no proof. 

Violation of Governor’s Executive Order

Police went to a local sports bar and found they were in violation of the Governor’s Executive Order. Police reported that employees and patrons were standing shoulder to shoulder and not wearing face coverings as required. Police cited the business and informed management of changes they needed to make.

Criminal trespass

The Owner of a vacant home on Cherokee Circle reported that someone was illegally using the property. The owner said the back door was found unlocked and beer cans were left in the property. The former tenant reported he moved out of the house mid-August and left everything in place and turned in his key. The former tenant  also reported that a neighbor saw another neighbor enter the house.

Damage to property, second degree

A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend damaged her car after she refused to have sex with him. She said when she confronted him about her car damage, he grabbed her cell phone and damaged it by throwing it forcibly against the ground. The woman said he bought her a new phone.  The ex-boyfriend denied damaging the car. 

Simple assault

A man was arrested after he threatened his girlfriend. The girlfriend reported the man threatened to cut her throat, cut her body and send it to her family in Florida. When police confronted the man, he tried to escort police off his property. The man then approached one of the officers and got withing inches of his face. The officer pushed him away and placed the man in handcuffs.

Armed robbery

A woman reported being robbed at gun point at her home off General Stewart Way. The woman said she was grabbed from behind after she placed her wallet and phone down in the kitchen. She said she thinks it was a man and he was dressed in black from head to toe.  The woman described the man as being about 6 ‘1 and approximately 230 lbs. She said the suspect wrapped his right hand around her mouth and pointed a gun to the left side of her waist and stated, “if you scream, I will shoot you.”

The woman said the suspect grabbed her wallet and $60 cash and ran out of the front door. She also reported that her black tablet, a gold necklace and gold cross, her small gold hoop earrings, and a knife were missing from her kitchen. Her wallet had her identification card, social security card, MasterCard credit card and her Wells Fargo debit card.

- Patty Leon

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