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HPD Crime Roundup Feb. 5
HPD blotter Feb 5

Editor’s note: The Courier received reports for December last week and is continuing to sort through them. 

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Harrassing communications: A woman reported Dec. 7 that “someone posted a an ad on Craigslist, which included a photo of her, her phone number, and her residential address,” and that she’d been getting phone calls she believed were “because of the ad.”

The woman said she learned about it from a text. She said she suspected her ex-husband’s girlfriend, a soldier, was responsible. The woman said she’s already contacted military officials about past incidents involving her ex husband’s girlfriend. 

The ad posted on Facebook said the woman is “looking for some fun. Tired of being lonely at night. If you’re interested call me,” and lists the woman’s name, address and phone number. 

The officer suggested the woman contact Craigslist to have the information removed, and follow up with the military and HPD. 

Battery: An officer was sent to a Dover Lane address regarding “a domestic in progress,” around 9 p.m. Dec. 6. There, a man said he was attacked. The man said he and a woman left their home on Turtle Lane and when they got to the stop sign at Live Oak Church Road, she began “to punch him in the face while he was driving.”

The man said he got to “his wife’s residence, where (the woman) got out of the vehicle and continued to try to attack him.”

He went in and locked the door and told her he was calling 911. “(She) then left the scene to avoid police contact so quickly, she ran out of her shoes, leaving them on the scene.”

The officer was unable to find the woman “to obtain her side of the incident.” 

Because Turtle Lane is in the county, the man was advised to file a report with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office as well as ask them to escort him to that home to pick up his property.

Suspicious acts: A Bradwell teacher reported Dec. 12 she received threats on her school email from a student’s school-issued IPad. 

The threat — “bald (bleep) go die” was from a female student the teacher didn’t know. “She also stated she has no problems with any of her students and its possible (the student’s) IPad was compromised. She did send an email to the school principal, but since she did not hear anything back she decided to file a police report.”

Harrassment: A woman reported Dec. 19 she thinks her ex fiancé created a Facebook page to harass her. She said someone made the page using her photos and “was sending out friend requests. The person conacted her family members and close friends pretending to be her.” 

The woman said when they told her about the fake page, she went on Facebook messenger to confront the person, who in term told her “that they know where she and her family live,” and then told her “’you will be dead, watch and see.’”

The woman didn’t have any info on her ex, and said “the last time they had any contact was approximately three years ago.” She also wasn’t certain it was her ex fiancé, but she obviously thought he might be the one. 

She was given a victims right form, a case number and told how to get hold of the report.

Animal complaint: An officer was dispatched to Liberty Regional Medical Center around 7:40 a.m. Dec. 19, where a complainant “stated he was trying to remove a stray cat from his residence. In the process of putting the animal in the cage, it got loose and bit him on his right hand (the day before). He said he came to the emergency room today because his hand began to swell.”

The report said dispatchers called environmental health and animal control was called, but they didn’t respond. The man whose hand got bit was given a case number. 

Stolen meds: A woman went to HPD on Dec. 19 to report her medication had been stolen. She “stated on 12-18-19 she contacted Veterans Affairs in regards to her testosterone gel she had ordered. She stated she was advised the medication had been mailed on 12-10-19 to (a Robin Hood Drive address).  She stated she had not updated her address with Veterans Affairs. (She) stated that (Robin Hood Drive) is her previous address and she has not lived at this address since February 2019,” the report said. “(She) stated she never received the medication and someone had to sign for it. (She) stated she was told by Veterans Affairs that her name was used as the signee.”

The officer told the woman to call VA and get a tracking number to verify when it got to the address and who it was delivered by. 

Shoplifting: An officer was sent to an El Cheapo on 196 around 9 p.m. Dec. 19 regarding “a black male (light skinned with tattoos on his face) and an older black female” who came into the store. The woman was carrying a propane tank and started talking to the cashier while the man went to a beer cooler and grabbed a couple of bottles, “and as he approached the counter, he dropped both bottles on the ground causing them to shatter. He then began to argue with (the complainant) about paying for the shattered bottles along with arguing with other customers,” the report said, noting the man then went back to the beer cooler, “and grabbed a 12 pack of Busch beer and walked out the front door while the black female continued to talk to (the complainant,” who told police she thought the woman was meant to distract her so the man could steal the beer.

There was video. The complainant was given a case number, etc. 

Disrupting public school: Police were called to Airport Road around 7:30 a.m. Dec. 18 by a bus driver who said “an angry parent was obstructing the doorway of the bus and was verbally aggressive towards her about an incident that occurred on the bus with (her child).”

The bus driver said the mother “was not cursing at her but was impeding her duties by blocking the bus doors not allowing them to close. (The mother) did not move from blocking the door until police were called.”

Officers talked to the mother, who said she was “attempting to find out information about a bullying incident which occurred on the bus.” 

An officer told her she needed to contact the school, not the bus driver. The mother was also told “that she could not hinder the bus driver from doing her duties.”

Fraud: An officer met with a woman Dec. 16 who said her cousin’s friend “contacted her on the phone on (Dec. 10) and stated ‘he had some extra money and knew she had kids, so he wanted to transfer some money to her, as long as he can get some of the money back,’” a report said, noting the woman agreed and met with the man. Together, they went to Navy Federal Credit union and opened an account and the man transferred $2,000 to her account. 

She then said she needed to go shopping, so the man drove her around town to a few stores. The next day, she noticed her new bank card and paperwork was missing from her purse, which she’d left in the car with the man the day before while she went inside one store. 

The man at first denied taking the card, but then admitted it, she told police, and stopped talking to her. Then Navy Federal called and told her “she needed to repay the $2,000 due to the money being obtained illegitimately and that she would need to file a fraud report to dispute the charges,” the report said. 

The woman was given a case number and victims right information and investigators were notified.

Driving stuff: An officer patrolling Veterans Parkway around 5:30 p.m. Dec. 12 spotted a car run a red light at South Main Street and pulled the driver over on Deal Street and told him why he’d been stopped. The officer then issued him a ticket for “failure to obey a traffic control device,” the officer’s  report said. “After explaining the citation to (the driver), I asked him to sign it. When I gave the citation and ink pen to (the driver, he drew a straight line across the top of my E-signature. I explained to (the driver) that he signed in the wrong area of the citation, and that I needed him to sign his signature at it appears on his driver’s license. I advised (the driver) that if he did not sign the citation with a legible signature, he would be escorted to the Hinesville Police Department where he would have to post bond. I then advised him if he scribbled across the citation, he would be arrested for obstruction.”

The officer reported “Once again I presented the citation and an ink pen to (the driver) and asked him to sign it. (He) scribbled across my E-signature and gave the citation back to me.”

The officer then “asked central dispatch to send a back up officer to my location,” and an officer came. “I advised (the driver) step out of his vehicle. I placed him in handcuffs (double locked and checked for fitting). I advised him that he was placed under arrest for obstruction. I placed him in the back seat of my patrol vehicle. I cited (the driver) for obstruction of a law enforcement officer. I advised (him) that he would be released on his own recognizance. I removed him from my patrol vehicle, removed the handcuffs and advised him that he needed to sign the citation for obstruction.”

“(The driver) signed the citation with a legible signature. He was released from the stop location without any further incidents.”

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