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HPD incident reports
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Damage to property 2nd degree

Police were sent to Snelson Golden Middle School where a man reported two tires on his car were slashed and flattened. The man said he was at the school during a basketball game to support his girlfriend who is on the school’s coaching staff. The girlfriend said she suspected her ex-husband was responsible because they are recently divorced, and he is bitter that she has moved on with her life. She said her ex-husband asked if he could attend the game and that she told him not to come. However, she reported that her ex-husband did enter the gym during the game and when he saw the other man was there, he quickly left. The woman said the two men have never met face to face. The complainant said he had his tires slashed once before when he was at his girlfriend’s house one evening. The woman added that her ex-husband always carries multiple knives on his person. The officer was able to contact the ex-husband who said he did go to the game but was there to support his daughter. He said he left the gym after speaking briefly with his daughter and denied slashing the tires. He said he doesn’t know the complainant.

Forgery 1st degree

A former member of House of Prayer reported that a church official forged documents in an attempt to seize control of four properties that were in his name. The complainant reported that he and his wife left the church and were in the process of trying to sell four homes that were in their names on Spanish Oak Lane, Quail Run Drive, Willow Oak Lane and Deerwood Road. The complainant said he was informed that quit-deed claims were filed on their behalf for all but one of their properties. However, the complainant told officers they never gave anyone permission or the authority to conduct business on their behalf nor did they sign any power of attorney to include, specifically, the current church official listed on the documents.  The complainant reported that he and his wife filed a revocation of power of attorney for all their properties to avoid any attempts from any church member or official from producing fake documents trying to take control of their properties. The complainant said those documents were field with the Liberty County Clerk of Courts in the morning yet, later that same day, the church official filed forged documents with the Clerk of Courts office listing the church official’s name and quit- deed claims of his four properties. The officer gathered the copies of the documents provided by the complainant for evidence. 

Accidental Injury

A man reported that he accidentally shot himself in the buttocks as he holstered his gun. He said he got into his car to leave JJ’s Bar and Grille. He picked up his gun and slid it into the holster. He thinks that is when the gun fired but he didn’t realize he had shot himself. The complainant said he went to Waffle House picked up his food and drove home. When he got home, he saw there was blood on the seat. He went inside his house and looked in the mirror and realized he had shot himself. The man drove himself to Winn Army Hospital where he was treated and released. The nursing staff called the military police and the Hinesville police. The man said he doesn’t drink, and it was an accident. Police said the detectives may call on the man for further investigation. 

-Patty Leon

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