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HPD reports March 31 paper
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Simple Battery

Police were dispatched to an apartment at Edelle Osgood Avenue in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival officers spoke with the male and female residents of the apartment. The woman said she was on the back porch when her son arrived.  She started talking to her son and reported that her neighbor stepped outside with a tablet and started recording her talking to her son. The woman said the neighbor began to yell and curse at her which started an argument. The woman reported that their argument woke up her male roommate from his nap. He also stepped outside and joined the argument. As they argued the neighbor got some pepper-spray and used it against her roommate and her. The woman and man were checked out by EMS.

The officer then spoke with the neighbor who admitted he went outside and started recording the woman and her son which caused the woman to become upset. The neighbor said the roommate was already standing outside, threw a bottle of lighter fluid at him and then approached him with two knives, one in each hand. The neighbor said he deployed the pepper-spray to defend himself.

Simple battery

A man ended up going to jail after he caused a ruckus, injured his wife’s finger and threw a bowl of spaghetti at her as well. The incident happened at a home on Guyett Avenue where the wife said her husband accused her of cheating on him after because she was out for three hours doing some shopping. The wife reported that a verbal argument started and then her husband threw a dog kennel in the back yard in anger. She said as she tried to put the kennel back together her husband kicked the dog’s food bowl across the kitchen floor. The wife said her husband then kicked the kennel while she was holding it which injured her finger. The wife reported her husband went to the refrigerator, pulled out the pan of spaghetti, grabbed a handful and hit her in the back with the food. The officer reported the husband appeared intoxicated with slurred speech and unable to finish complete thoughts and unable to realize or understand what he had just done. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Criminal trespass

Officers responded to a possible domestic call at an apartment on West Memorial Drive. The female complainant said she and her boyfriend got into an argument. The complainant said her boyfriend wanted her to pay his probation fees and she refused to do so. The complainant said she got into her car and her boyfriend stood behind her car to prevent her from leaving. The complainant said her boyfriend kept walking around the car, banging on the windows and telling her to open the door. The complainant reported that she attempted to back out of the parking lot when her boyfriend jumped on the hood and struck the car in a manner that caused a large crack on the windshield. The boyfriend admitted he broke the windshield but said it was because the complainant tried to run him over. The boyfriend was placed under arrest and searched. The officer found a plastic bag with a white powdery substance. The bag was secured for evidence and the boyfriend was taken to Liberty County jail.

-Patty Leon

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