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HPD reports

Improper display of license / Probation violation

An officer was patrolling on Oglethorpe Highway when he observed a green Lincoln Town car with an improper display of its license. The officer initiated a traffic stop and the car pulled into the parking lot at Ole Times Country Buffet. The officer spoke with the female driver and informed her why he made the stop. When the officer ran her information through dispatch the officer was told the female had a warrant out for probation violation from Chatham County. She was transported to the Liberty County jail and cited for the improper display of license plate.

Assist other agency

Officers called EMS after a man collapsed inside the Hinesville Police Department Offices. The man was in front of the clerk’s window when he suddenly collapsed and hit his head on the floor. Officers placed him in a seated position and tried to question the man who was reportedly sweating profusely, had slurred speech and thought the year was 2000. EMS arrived and transported the man to Liberty Regional Medical Center.

Speeding/ Expired plate / No driver’s license

An officer was patrolling around Lee Road and Fleming when he spotted a black Jeep Renegade that appeared to be traveling over the posted speed limit of 25 mph. The officer used his handheld radar unit and confirmed the vehicle was traveling at 37 mph. The officer conducted a traffic stop and as he approached the female driver she said, “I know I’m getting arrested because I don’t have a license.” While confirming the information the officer also noticed that the registration was also expired. The woman was transported to Liberty County jail and cited. She was given a bond amount of $1557.00, a court date of 03/31/2021.

Harassing Communications

An officer was dispatched to 1249 Peacock trail in reference to a harassment call. The officer made contact with a female complainant who said her ex-boyfriend has been harassing her since November 2020. She reported that her ex has contacted her, her mother, and other friends using several different numbers. She said she had previously told her ex to stop communicating with her. She claimed her ex has threatened to kill her and her family, and shoot her house up. She told the officer she feared for her life. The complainant also alleged that her ex posted nudes of her on Facebook and Snapchat. 

Theft of lost or misplaced property

A man called to report that items he ordered were delivered to his neighbor’s house instead and the neighbor refuses to give him back the items. The complainant said he bought an Ugg comforter set back in December. Instead of it being delivered to his house at 1126 the package was delivered to 1128. The complainant told the delivery truck of the mistake. The delivery driver informed the complainant they tried to retrieve the package, but no one answered the door. The complainant reported he placed another order which was scheduled to be delivered by March 1. Again it was delivered to his neighbor and when the complainant attempted to retrieve the package, no one answered the door. After filing his report an officer went to the neighbor’s house later that day. The officer spoke with the neighbor and asked if he received a package which did not belong to him. The neighbor said he had and gave the package to the officer. The officer returned the package to the complainant.

Vehicle search

An officer was dispatched to Full Gospel Tabernacle church after someone complained about a person seated in a car honking the horn. The officer asked the driver why she was honking the horn. The officer said the woman was acting strange, talking to the sky and addressing invisible people. The officer called for backup and once they arrived the officer asked if he could search the car. The officer reported he found several medicine bottles which pertained to diabetes. No illegal drugs were found. The woman passed a field sobriety test and told the officer she suffered from several mental illnesses to include psychosis, and schizophrenia. The woman later left and went to her hotel.

DUI, less safe

A man reported to be highly intoxicated completely destroyed his car while refusing to stop for police. In what the officer described as a slow speed pursuit the man strike and jump the curb near Yates Astro. The man corrected and continued to drive refusing to stop for the police. The officer said the vehicle had damage to the front passenger side and passenger side front and rear tires. The driver finally turned into the parking lot of Zaxby’s where the officer said the front passenger axle collapsed folding the front tire under the car and leaving the car to rest on its unibody frame. When the officer approached the driver’s side window the man appeared to be asleep. When the officer woke him up the officer said he was lethargic and smelled of alcohol. The man didn’t realize he had destroyed his car and was too intoxicated to pass the sobriety test. He was arrested and charged with DUI and reckless driving.

-Patty Leon

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