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Humane shelter vandalized
Group readying weekend fundraiser
Someone spray painted the side of the Liberty Humane Shelter’s kitty quarantine building over the weekend. Shelter President Sandra Frye said she will press charges if authorities find the culprit. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
As if caring for, feeding and adopting out homeless animals weren’t enough, the staff of the Liberty Humane Shelter had the added task of cleaning freshly painted graffiti off one of their buildings Monday morning.
The paint was sprayed on the side of the kitten quarantine building on Sunday, according to Liberty Humane Shelter President Sandra Frye.
“Most of us were here late on Saturday and we noticed it when we came in Sunday morning,” she said.
Frye said the markings appear gang related.
“We have not had anyone come out here and interpret it for us,” she said. “But we did contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and had them come out to file a report. They took pictures and they said they would try to compare these pictures with other pictures they have of known gang members. Hopefully, we can make a link and eventually press charges.”
Frye said it was frustrating and just another issue they have to deal with during a busy time in their schedule.
“We are going to have to take time we would normally spend on the care of the animals and use it instead to clean up the shed,” she said. “We want to take that off as soon as possible.”
Frye said they are looking to set up outdoor surveillance cameras. They are looking for equipment donations or low-cost equipment to help catch any future graffiti suspects or vandals.
“Anyone who tries to do this again should note they may be on camera,” she warned.
Frye said the timing was rough as most of her staff and volunteers are gearing up for this weekend’s third annual poker run.
“Right now, we anticipate at least 75 riders this year,” she said.
The event is open to all street legal vehicles and the run begins at Liberty Cycle, 1165 E. Oglethorpe Highway. The cost is $15 per hand, $25 per couple and $5 per additional hands. Folks can sign up at 8 the morning of the event. The first bike out will hit the pavement at 9 a.m.
Frye said they have a new T-shirt design this year and riders will get a spaghetti dinner after the event.
“All the funds we raise goes toward the food, medical supplies, employees’ salaries, maintenance cost and basic care, health and welfare of the animals,” she said.
Frye said as they approach the cooler months the kittens and puppies in the quarantine rooms need better space heaters.
“We are good with blankets right now,” she said. “But if someone could provide us with a couple of space heaters for our quarantine areas, that would be great. We have some small ones right now and they really don’t do the job. We hope for at least two heaters in each room and we have three quarantine rooms.”
For more information on the poker run this Saturday, call Acey Lewis at 876-7959 or Susan Todd at 368-5254. For more information on the shelter, call 876-3647 or go to
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