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Justice officials endorse drug court
JP DrugCourt
Superior Court Judge Jay Stewart, center, talks with Sheriff Don Martin, left, and District Attorney Tom Durden, right, about a new drug court proposed for Liberty County. A letter from Stewart explaining the drug court won overwhelming approval at the countywide planning workshop last month. - photo by Joe Parker Jr. / Coastal Courier
The local law enforcement community seems to be lining up in favor of the proposed drug court for Liberty County.
Superior Court Judge Jay Stewart has announced that his fellow judges as well as District Attorney Tom Durden, Liberty County Sheriff Don Martin and Hinesville Police Chief George Stagmeier endorse establishing a drug court.
A drug court uses random drug screens, intense offender supervision, employment, rehabilitation and community service.
Drug courts include judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, drug and alcohol treatment professionals and corrections officers who work as a team to break the drug addiction cycle.
"It seems to be the best way to go," Martin said.
In the state 23 jurisdictions have some form of drug court and the trend is growing.
"I do sincerely believe that a properly functioning drug court benefits everyone in Liberty County," Stewart said in a statemenet. "I am requesting that funds be allocated to assisting the implementation of the court.
"We will also be seeking additional funds from sources at the state and federal level. It is imperative, however, that the court have support at the local level to operate properly."
Stewart sent a letter to the 100 or so local leaders attending the annual planning workshop at Jekyll Island last month, attaching information from the Administrative Office of the Courts and a brochure on drug courts.
The idea won quick approval at Jekyll and is expected to be reported favorably in the workshop summary when it appears.
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