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Kids in Long County enjoy read time
tall heaps of hardcovered books

The kids of Long County made a splash this past Tuesday when WTOC's meteorologist Jamie Ertle stopped by the Long County Public Library to read a story as part of the library's summer reading program.


Ms. Ertle read the story entitled Freddy the Frogcaster and the Flash Flood by Janice Dean. The story talks about how a frog is trying to warn others about the weather, but he gets it wrong. Nevertheless, he tells his friends to be ready in the event of unexpected bad weather.


Ms. Ertle also asked the kids who knew the difference between a watch and a warning. The kids were very bright by answering that a watch is the meteorologist telling people to watch out for something bad in the area whereas a warning tells people to take cover.

She also discussed what do to be prepared for a flood. 


Afterward, Ms. Ertle as well as the kids took part with Library Manager Tammy Goober and her group of student workers and volunteers to demonstrate a rain stick project, which is a long, hollow tube filled with little plastic beads that simulates the sound of rain.

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