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LCSS assists military dependents with transition
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Students at Frank Long Elementary School are greeted by teachers and volunteers the first day of school last year. - photo by By Lawrence Dorsey

Being a military town, it’s common for Hinesville to have a revolving door of families. Military dependent kids often experience their friends relocating in the middle of the school year, or are the ones to leave their friends behind. But with all this moving around and school transitions, many children have difficulty making adjustments and maintaining good grades. The Liberty County School System and School Liaison Officers address these issues and assist military families and their children during this difficult time. 

So what kind of services does LCSS offer its military students and families? LCSS partners with counselors employed by Fort Stewart to come to schools and talk to students. These are Masters and Doctorate leveled counselors who, according to LCSS military liaison Melaniann Pass, are assigned to schools throughout the school district through the Military and Family Counselor Program (MFLC). The counselors place students in small groups and advise on topics ranging from maintaining good grades to dealing with the overall transition to a new place. 

The counselors also help students deal with anger management, the stress of having their enlisted family members deployed and homesickness. MFLC offers their counseling services to military soldiers as well, and offers support for couples. MFLC Fort Stewart branch can be reached at 912-432-880 or at their location at 4960 Coe Avenue, Fort Stewart. 

Registration has been made easier than in the past through the evolution of paper to digital registration. A week is also blocked out before the start of the school year, so parents can register their children at the LCSS Board of Education. There they receive important information that can be useful throughout the school year such as important documentation and a school holiday schedule. Parents can also receive help registering their children online, though parents can do so at home if they prefer. 

When it comes to documentation such as immunization forms and Social Security cards, military parents who currently do not have proper papers can get assistance from Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3). MIC3 helps with student eligibility, enrollment, placement and graduation, according to the MIC3 website. Those who were gifted in their previous school system are replaced in gifted programs in LCSS without having to be retested. 

Students who transfer in the middle of the year can contact Pass at BOE. She’ll work with people missing documents and will help with possible missing course credits due to a change in curriculum. 

Pass can be reached at

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