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LCSS working on bandwidth issues
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The Liberty County School System is seeking to secure additional bandwidth after experiencing some issues during the lesson day Wednesday, according to a press release from LCSS Communications Coordinator Cathy Lane. 

The release stated, "The new web filter was installed and is working as expected. However, now that traffic is able to flow through the web filter, we are seeing that we are maxing out the Internet bandwidth on our state provided internet line. At this time, we are working to secure additional bandwidth as quickly as possible. In the meantime, in an effort to alleviate the traffic jam, we have once again blocked YouTube which will assist us in better utilizing the system until we can secure additional bandwidth."

 In the release Lane said Content in Canvas is still working as expected as are other programs such as Nearpod, Study Island, USA Test Prep and Online Textbooks. 

"Students can continue to access Canvas, work on their assignments and turn them in to their teachers," the release stated.

Students may experience drops at times until the bandwidth is increased.

The LCSS is asking parents to utilize email to stay in close contact with your child’s teacher and keep in mind that teachers are aware of the issues and will not hold your student responsible for something that is beyond their control. Students that log into their classes daily in Canvas will be counted as present for the day.

"We appreciate the work that students, parents, and teachers are doing to make this virtual learning process work. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and assure you that we are working hard to eliminate the issues we have identified and we thank you for your patience," the release said.

For more information, contact Cathy Lane, Communications Coordinator, at 912- 876-5966 or

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