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Liberty County 4-H’ers show forestry knowledge
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Eleven Liberty County 4-H students recently competed in a regional 4-H Forestry Judging Contest.

Timber and other forestry products are the largest agricultural commodities produced in Liberty County.  Teaching youth about the forestry industry is the purpose of the Georgia 4-H Forestry Contest.  Recently, 11 Liberty County 4-H members competed at the Southeast District 4-H Forestry Judging Contest in Reidsville.  

During the competition, youth rotate to four different stations to complete a series of tasks related to forestry. One station is tree identification, while another station is insect and tree disease identification.  Another station tests youth skills as they estimate the saw timber volume for a plot of land.  The final station involves youth demonstrating their compass and pacing skills.   

“While we certainly benefit from technology and the many forms it takes in our society, a frequent side effect is the loss of outdoor time and a disconnect with nature,” said Ashley Hoppers, Liberty County Agriculture and Natural Resource Agent.  Hoppers served as one of the team coaches.  “4-H Forestry Judging brings life to learning through a hands-on approach and helps youth learn about the world around them. By involving young people and engaging them with these activities, we are establishing a standard of forest stewardship for future generations.”

The Liberty County 4-H Junior Team (4th-8th graders) placed fourth at the contest.  Junior team members were Kyra Burmeister, Julian Dates, Kye Lachowsky, Makayla Nash, Lily Stamps and Brooklyn Wilkins.

The Senior Team (9th-12th graders) earned third place honors.  Senior team members were Nadia Crowley, Lexington Kozak-Baumgartner, Kelly Lachowsky, Hazel Quarterman and Jonathan Woolf.

“I’m very proud of these 4-H members and their accomplishments,” said Kasey Bozeman.  Bozeman serves as the 4-H Agent in Liberty County and helped coach the team with Hoppers.

To learn more about 4-H in Liberty County, contact Bozeman at 912-876-2133 or

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