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Liberty County Hurricane Dorian Update
2 p.m. sept 3

Currently Liberty County is under a Hurricane Watch, Tropical Storm Warning and Storm Surge Warning. A Storm Surge warning means that saltwater inundation of 3 feet or greater above normally dry ground on the coast is possible within the next 36 hours.

Mandatory evacuations remain in effect for Lake George / Limerick Rd, Isle of Wight / Isle of Wight Rd and everyone EAST of Interstate 95. Residents in these areas should seek shelter at an inland location away from the coast. A voluntary evacuation remains in effect for all of Liberty County.

No curfews or road closures are in effect currently, however this is subject to change as conditions warrant.

For more information please call the Emergency Operations Center (912) 368-2202. Please do not call 911 unless you have an actual emergency.

Please continue to monitor Liberty County’s Facebook page or the County website .

Please join us for a Facebook live broadcast on the County’s Facebook page at 7:00 PM this evening.

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