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Liberty County Sheriff’s Office helps out in YMCA prank
YMCA Prank
Pictured from left to right are YMCA CEO Joel Smoker, Savannah Bananas Team President Jared Orton, and Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Kevin Hofkin, Jerald Binkley, Shari McHugh, and YMCA District Vice President Krystal McGee.

YMCA held a Trick or Retreat themed conference for their employees on Nov. 8 at Midway’s Dorchester Village Civic Center, and District Vice President Krystal McGee had an idea.

She thought it would be great to partner with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office to prank incoming YMCA employees. 

The prank had the Sheriff’s Deputies pull over predetermined YMCA employees. 

The prank victims were terrified as the deputies approached and asked them to hand over identification. Dread and panic soon turned to relief and amusement as, instead of a ticket, they were jokingly given a banana. 

The banana was a nod to baseball team the Savannah Bananas whose team president, Jared Orton, cooperated with YMCA for the conference. 

YMCA employees, in theme with the event, also attended in Halloween-esque costumes and were offered a variety of sweets and treats before the presentation. Everyone who was pulled over was a good sport about the gag, McGee said.  

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