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Life without parole for child murder conviction
Torres Boles sits in court last week. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon

Torres Boles was sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole Monday after being convicted last week for the death of his 3-year-old daughter in February 2013.

The sentencing was moved up and handed down by Liberty County Superior Court Judge Paul Rose Monday afternoon in the Liberty County Justice Center.

Boles’ trial ended last Wednesday and his sentencing was to take place in two weeks. The reason it was moved up was not explained.

The trial painted a brutal picture of the last 24 hours of Andraia Boles’ life and how it ended at the hands of her father.

Boles’ public defender, John Ely, asked for leniency, saying his client had no criminal history prior to the incident. He said Boles had received several military medals during his eight years of service. He said Boles was deployed for 15 months in Iraq and later 13 months in Afghanistan. During both deployments Ely said his client had seen his friends killed in combat.

“He never received any type of grief therapy… He was never assessed for post-traumatic stress disorder. He was never taught how to deal with his emotions or his anger issues or his need for isolation. And perhaps that may be part of the reason we find ourselves in this situation today,” Ely said.

Atlanta Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney Melissa Poole said Boles didn’t deserve any leniency.

“His 3-year-old daughter will never have the life that he is asking the court to give him here today. She just turned 3 when he brutally beat her to death… She was treated like a pet. He never did anything for Andraia and now he is asking the court to do something for him. He is not entitled to it. His actions deserve the harshest punishment,” Poole said.

She said even in prison Boles will receive better treatment than what he gave his own daughter for the past few months of her life.

Rose faced Boles and asked if he wanted to make a statement. Boles said, “No.”

The judge then spoke to Boles before handing down the sentence and said, “…The evidence is absolutely horrific. The pain and agony that you imposed on your daughter Andraia and what she endured was absolutely unspeakable. From the time that she was about 2 1/2 years old you and your wife made a decision, a very selfish decision, to not provide an care for that child. And all I could imagine is what terror went through her mind as she cried and she fell and she stumbled and there was nobody there to provide her with love or help. You literally bludgeoned her to death. By your own admission, you left her in that tub moaning in pain as her life was literally oozing out of her body. It’s beyond horrific.”

Boles was sentenced to life without parole for the felony murder charge, 20 year for the two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree to run consecutive to the murder sentence, 10 years for cruelty to children in the second degree, also consecutive, and 12 months for the misdemeanor charge of deprivation of a child to run concurrent to the murder charge.

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