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Appeal heard on realty company

Local real estate agent Elaine Boggs won’t know until December whether her company, Elaine Boggs Realty, LLC, will be taken off the Army’s Off-Limits list.

Boggs went before the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board on Thursday to appeal her company’s placement on the list in July.

The AFDCB heard her appeal during its quarterly meeting at the Army Education Center.

Most of the complaints which led to Boggs’ company’s placement on the Army’s off-limits list, a measure which prohibits soldiers from doing business with Elaine Boggs Realty, LLC, were made against the property management side of the company.

Many complaints named Boggs’ son, Timothy Boggs, and a former contractor, Nathan Wooten.

Boggs’ told the Army her company was victimized by her son, who in turn claims he was manipulated by a former bookkeeper, Clara Knight.

Boggs’ son has been charged with felony theft by deception while Knight is charged with felony theft by conversion for allegedly embezzling and mismanaging funds while employed by Boggs.

Both have claimed they are innocent.

Boggs said Knight, who left Boggs’ company in March and now works elsewhere, has repeatedly reached out to former clients, either directly or through her friends, in an effort to damage her reputation and that of her business.

Knight’s bond was amended Monday morning in Liberty County Superior Court by Superior Court Judge Charles Rose. Under the amended bond terms Knight is not to have any contact with Boggs, to include no third party contact via the internet. Knight is to have no contact with any client of Boggs, past or present and is to refrain from any threats of violence.

During the bond hearing, Knight’s attorney stated that Knight is in fear for her safety as well. He said Knight was attacked the morning of Aug. 8, the same day she was scheduled to be in court for a hearing related to the case. Knight’s attorney also said Knight had her car vandalized recently and a rock thrown through her window.

Thursday’s AFDCB meeting was conducted by Lt. Col. Robert Matthews. Portions of the meeting were closed to the public, including a closed-session of approximately 10 minutes with Knight, who, was then escorted out of the building.

At Thursday’s meeting, Boggs and her attorney, Jeffrey Osteen, presented current employees who provided information to the board. That included corrective measures they say the company has put in place since receiving word in April that her business was being considered for the list.

Boggs’ new bookkeeper, Stacy Breihaupt, told the board some recent complaints lodged against the company stemmed from homeowners under contract with Elaine Boggs realty, LLC, seeking to break their contracts and have their homes managed by other companies.

She also noted certain homeowners had current tenants who needed to be informed about the requests since it involved their security deposit and rental agreement.

Breihaupt told the board she spent the last few months going over financial statements. She said she’s worked with Fort Stewart’s Post Housing office to ensure all past complaints regarding money due or repairs billed incorrectly to homeowners were handled. Breihaupt said as of Thursday’s meeting every client has been repaid in full.

Boggs also said Thursday current vendors are pre-screened, licensed, bonded and insured, and that she implemented the use of a 24-hour phone line where tenants and homeowners can report issues that are addressed immediately.

She invited board members to visit her business to see the improvements.

Matthews closed the meeting by saying the board will review all the information presented and drop by Elaine Boggs Realty LLC for surprise inspections. He said they will keep tabs on any new concerns brought before the board and see how they are being handled. The board will meet during their December quarterly meeting to decide whether any recommendations to remove Boggs’ company from the list will be made to Fort Stewart commander Maj. Gen. James Rainey.

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