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Bear on the loose near Midway
Authorities looking to relocate it
Random bear
Authorities in Midway are searching for a wayward bear. - photo by Photo provided.

Authorities in Midway are searching for a wayward bear.

Midway Police Officer Mark Rich said a bear, estimated to be 700 pounds, was spotted in the area of Medway Road and North Coastal Highway by a motorist Thursday morning.

Rich, Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes and several officers are searching wooded areas near where the bear was spotted.

Rich said they hope to find it and move it away from the general population. 

"It is not our intention to kill it, but redirect the animal from this area back into the woods," he said.

He added that DNR officials believe it probably came from the Okeefenokee Swamp. Authorities advise civilians not to approach the bear. It is unlawful to kill the animal unless human life is in imminent danger.

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