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Candidates release campaign finance reports

Before voters head to the polls Tuesday, candidates for Hinesville mayor and City Council have been busy advertising and raising money for their campaign.

All candidates were required to submit a Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report by Sept. 30 of all the contributions they had received up to that point.

If candidates had raised more than $2,500 in total by Oct. 25, they had to file another contribution disclosure report. If they did not, they signed an affidavit stating they did not intend to receive or spend more than $2,500.

Candidates still have until Tuesday to receive donations. If those donations exceed $1,000 between Oct. 25 and Tuesday, they have to file a report called the Two Business Days Report of Contributions Received.

Here is a look at what contributions and expenses Hinesville candidates reported for their 2015 campaigns. The following numbers pertain to the Sept. 30 and Oct. 25 reports.

Mayoral candidates

Allen Brown received a total of $22,625 and spent $20,259.79, mostly on mailers and signage, including $4,837.50 for two billboards for three months. The campaign has $2,365.21 left over.

Charles Frasier received a total of $22,361 in monetary donations, plus $1,000 worth of in-kind contributions from a caterer. He spent $18,279.47, mostly on advertisement. Frasier’s campaign also paid Karen Jemison a total of $1,800 as a field coordinator for five dates.

In Frasier’s Sept. 30 report, a $150 contribution from Midway Mayor Clemontine Washington was dated Oct. 26. Another $150 contribution from Washington, dated Oct. 19, was in the Oct. 25 report.

When asked about the donation’s date in the Sept. 30 report, Frasier said he did not have the material in front of him so he could not talk about the entry and that he was not aware of it.

 “I don’t know, but the only thing I can tell you, I think that must be an error,” Frasier said.

Frasier went on to say that he did not know whether the check had postdated and that he could not say what the error was, but that he and his campaign staff did not have anything to hide.  

Frasier’ campaign has $4,081.53 left over.

Liston Singletary III had total monetary donations of $6,418 plus $786 worth of in-kind contributions. Most of his $5,978 in expenditures went toward campaign apparel and campaign supplies such as fuel, business cards and yard signs. He has $440 left over.

Danny Eason raised $919.61 in monetary donations, plus $1,784.24 worth of in-kind contributions. Most of the in-kind contributions were from Eason himself for campaign materials and a campaign event. He only spent $720 for his qualifying fee to the city. He has $199.61 left over.

Tyrone Adams raised $720 and spent it on his qualifying fee to the city. He currently has no leftover balance.

City Council candidates

Everyone except Andrew Williams and Jason Floyd, both competing for the District 2 seat, submitted an affidavit after their Sept. 30 report stating that they did not intend to exceed $2,500 in contributions or expenditures.

The following numbers are total contributions based on their Sept. 30 and Oct. 25 report, if applicable.:

District 1

Cathey Winn: $1,149.29

Diana Reid: $638

District 2

Andrew Williams: $3,082.24

Jason Floyd: $2,940.16

District 3

Arthur Nixon: $2,070

Vicky Nelson: $2,025.15

Joseph Stuart: $988.16

District 4

Keith Jenkins: $360

District 5

Angela Wilson: $410

Kenneth Shaw: $360.

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