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City rezones along Tarver Street
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The Hinesville City Council approved the rezoning of a Tarver Street property and discussed the removal of campaign signs during its regular meeting Thursday.

The council was asked to approve the rezoning of a barbershop on Tarver Street, owned by Charles A. Frasier Sr. (no relation to Mayor Pro Tem Charles Frasier), to the Downtown Development District. It is currently grandfathered in as a commercial business in a residential-zoned area.

The rezoning was meant to reflect the business use of the building.

The business has been there since 1943. One woman from the audience spoke in favor of the rezoning, and there was no opposition. The council approved the request.

Sign removal

During the public-comment period, Hinesville resident Tyrone Adams talked about the removal of some election signs. He wanted to know who people should go to to make sure that candidates are treated fairly when it comes to sign posting around the city.

Adams said the city’s Department of Inspections was going around and removing signs that were not in the right place.

“We’ve had some problems in the past, and I’ve heard so far already that certain people’s signs are being pulled up and other people’s signs are not being pulled up,” Adams said. “I mean, it needs to be an even playing field no matter what.”

Mayor Jim Thomas said he’s heard this issue before and has had the Inspections office take pictures of all the signs that they remove, not just campaign signs. All the signs that were removed are from easements and public property, he said.

The mayor went on to say that every candidate so far has had at least one or two signs removed.

City Manager Billy Edwards said the city picks up signs on Mondays, and he told Adams that people who feel they are not being treated fairly can come to him.

Councilman Keith Jenkins said later in the meeting, during his report, that he wanted to speak with Thomas, Edwards and some of the other council members to make sure that the reasons for removing the signs are fair and to discuss whether some of the signs removed are really a nuisance where they are being placed in yards near right of ways.

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