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Committee seeks support for diabetes-awareness campaign
Organizer asks Long Co. commission for help
Stop diabetes

The Long County Commission was informed during its recent meeting that a committee has been established to bring more attention to diabetes.
Walt Pelton told the commission that he met with a representative from the American Diabetes Association and was told that no county in the area had any activity to recognize diabetes victims or raise money for support.
He said he and a few others established a committee to plan activities to draw support for the cause.
Pelton said he met with the recreation-department director and scheduled an event for Nov. 8 at the recreation complex. So far, he said, the scheduled activities include a 5K run and a chili cook-off with diabetes-friendly recipes.
Pelton said he is asking for support from the county and anyone who can volunteer to help. Anyone interested in being on the committee or setting up a booth during the festival can get in touch with him.
Also, Pelton asked the commissioners where they were in regards to resolving the drainage problems in the Vickers’s Hill subdivision.
He said it was his understanding that no more building would be allowed to start in the area, but it appears that more construction has begun.
Pelton also asked what was going on with the citizen-proposed retention pond for the area.
In regards to the road repair, commission Vice Chairman Dwight Gordon said they were no closer to solving the problem than they had been at the May meeting, but that he is talking to the developer. It is his opinion that no roads should be accepted by the county until a subdivision is completed.
Gordon said that a meeting is scheduled to discuss the problems with the homeowners and anyone else. A report from that meeting should be given at Tuesday’s commission meeting.
Board of Elections Chairwoman Patricia Johnson went before the commissioners again in regards to her disapproval of the elections office.
Johnson said that she met with Gordon, as she had been instructed to during the May meeting, but the issues still have not been resolved. She said that as the board chairwoman, she is asking the commission for approval to hire an attorney.
Chairman Robert Long said the commission’s consensus is that this is a conflict between her and the elections office. He said that he had contacted the secretary of state’s office to seek information on how to handle this matter, but has not received it.
Long said that the commission once again recommended that Johnson get with the people in the office with whom she has issues and work them out. It was Johnson’s opinion that the commission was not over the board, and that she should take their answer as a decline of her request to seek an attorney.
The commission also approved a resolution to continue operating under the previous budget, because the budget for the upcoming year is not completed. Commissioner Willie Thompson asked how long the extension will be. Long said the resolution will allow the county to operate as long as needed until the budget is finished.

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