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Council denies request for club's liquor license renewal
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Hinesville City Council members voted to deny the renewal of an alcohol license for Cream Sports Bar during their regular meeting Dec. 21.
The vote came after Hinesville Police Department Major Bill Kirkendall said one of the Cream Sports Bar co-owners, later identified in police records as Sheron Cobb, was charged with seven drug related felonies, some of which occurred inside the establishment.
Cobb was arrested after an ongoing joint investigation between the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics team and Fort Stewart’s Drug Suppression Team. Cobb was arrested Nov. 14, according to court records and is currently out on a $31,500 bond.
Councilman Keith Jenkins expressed concerns about not renewing the license since Cobb has been charged, but not yet convicted of the crime.
Kirkendall said the establishment has a history of illegal activities. The council voted unanimously against the license renewal.
In other city business for the month:
At the meeting the council approved the Live Oak Libraries Intergovernmental Agreement between the county and city.
They approved the plat for Independence Settlement Phase I clearing 10 acres for the development of 35 single family homes on land owned by Dryden Enterprises.
They approved the Georgia Firefighter’s Cancer Benefit Program.
They approved the city’s Georgia Environmental Finance Authority loan for the extension of water reuse lines along Pineridge Road and South Main Street. The loan was for $409,000 at an interest rate of 0.50 per cent and will be repaid in 10 years.
During the Dec. 7 council meeting, the council approved two rezoning petitions and also approved the 2018 local maintenance improvement grant project list, but voted against a solar power project.
Gabrielle Hartage of the Liberty County Planning Commission said landowner Sandy Luckey had requested rezoning 400 and 404 Bradwell Street from R-4 (single, two-family dwelling district) to D-D (downtown development district). The petition was recommended for approval by the LCPC on Nov. 21 with special conditions which have since been met.
Luckey runs a day care out of 400 Bradwell Street and the rezoning would allow her to have a catering business, rented office space and storage. Luckey plans to use the catering kitchen to prepare “specialized diet” meals for clients who require dietary foods per their physicians. She wants to rent the office space out and plans to use the storage area for an online fraternal store.
The council unanimously approved the measure.
The council approved a second rezoning request which paves the way for possible housing development behind the Walmart Neighborhood Market off Gen. Stewart Way and Highway 84. Council approved rezoning 27 acres from planned unit development) to R-A-1 (multi-family dwelling district) and another 3.4 acres from PUD to R-TH (townhouse dwelling district). The land is currently owned by Southeastern Bank. They plan to develop an apartment complex with 240 units and 29 condo units, taking advantage of existing infrastructure. The main entry point is proposed over a traffic circle behind the grocery store. The road off Patriots Trail will have an emergency exit gate. The complex will have 20 storage units, a clubhouse and a pool.
After an executive session, the council voted down a proposed solar array project that was being considered for the city’s wastewater reclamation facility.
Interim City Manager Kenneth Howard said, “At this point in time it was just not feasible enough to move forward with it.”
As an informational item, the council was shown the amended recommendations for city code, chapter 16: TRAFFIC, Art III, Div1. Generally: Sec 16-107 which deals with the parking of commercial vehicles and residential parking restrictions.
The council approved the 2018 local maintenance improvement grant updated project list. The list detailed city streets to be considered for resurfacing using the 2018 LMIG allocation and to gain feedback regarding the use of these funds.
At both meetings the council approved several on-premise and off-premise alcoholic beverage license renewals.

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