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Courier wants your photos, videos

Do you have a camera? Do you post oodles of photos and videos on Facebook or YouTube, yet yearn for more?

The Courier wants to work with some folks who want to take photos and videos of events in Liberty and Long counties and share them on as photo galleries and as part of our video offerings for the world to see.

All we ask of you is to have a camera that takes good photographs and/or videos, attend events around the community, and snap and film away. Then share your photos and videos with us via email or an online file-sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

A short time later, you would see your photos and videos on our website, and some photos might find their way to the print newspaper.

If this interests you, please contact Coastal Courier managing editor Jason Wermers at or 912-876-0156, ext. 1023, or online news and video editor Kayla Rand at

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