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Dead dogs report a hoax
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A report last week that eight dogs were shot and killed on Demery Howard Road in Long County appears to be a hoax. The Long County Sheriff’s Office got wind of the alleged incident and Sheriff Craig Nobles sent detectives to investigate. After searching the area, LCSO Det. Al Cato said that the report was inaccurate.

“We road all up and down the road and in the area and could find nothing like what was reported to us of eight dogs being killed,” Cato said. “What we did find was several animal carcasses.”

The detective said he found carcasses of two dogs, two hogs and a deer near the three-mile stretch of dirt road.  The carcasses were found in four different locations. 

 “The person who reported it to us had heard it from another person, who had heard from someone else,” Cato said. “Obviously, the report wasn’t nothing like what was found.”

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