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Ex-Loonie Farms operator returned to area
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Christiane Judd, former owner of Loonie Farms Animal Rescue, is back in Long County, according to Long County Sheriff’s Office Detective Lt. Tom Sollosi. Judd arrived via commercial inmate transfer service at 9:15 a.m. Saturday and immediately was processed.

Sollosi said Judd is scheduled to have her first appearance before a judge Monday morning. Until then, she will be housed in Long County, Sollosi said, but could be transferred to an out-of-county holding facility after her hearing.

Judd was apprehended and jailed in Buffalo, N.Y., after being denied entry into Canada on May 28.

Judd faces charges of cruelty to animals, making false statements — both felonies — and giving a false name — a misdemeanor — for her alleged involvement in the deaths and improper disposal of animals once housed at Loonie Farms in Long County.

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