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Geechee culture will be celebrated at Riceboro event
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Rice, Riddum ‘n’ Rime

• When: Starts at noon, Saturday, Feb. 25

• Where: Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center and Museum in Riceboro

• Cost: $5 per person

• Ticket info/directions: Call 912-884-4440 or 912-220-5966

Local residents can hear, watch and experience the Geechee story live through “Rice, Riddum ‘n’ Rime” starting at noon Saturday at the Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center and Museum in Riceboro.

“About three years ago, a group of Geechee Kunda historians and presenters got together to come up with a unique, impactful and entertaining way of presenting the important story of our culture,” Geechee historian Jim Bacote said. “The result was ‘Rice, Riddum, n’ Rime,’ an ever-evolving production, covering various aspects of the Geechee culture.”

Bacote said the celebration will include singers, storytellers, “spoken-word artists” and “Djeli spirits.” He said spoken-word artists use drama, poetry and prose to express their cultural heritage. Djeli spirits refers to the traditional African shamans who use communication with ancestral entities to tell their stories.

He describes Geechee Kunda as a living museum and art center, and it is the first and only Gullah Geechee interpretive center. According to, Geechee refers to the African-based culture that is deeply rooted in Coastal Georgia and its people. Kunda means “compound” or “home of hope.”

Bacote added that Geechee Kunda is dedicated to the “documentation and presentation of the important and true history of a culture in ways that are empowering, liberating and healing.”

Food also will be sold. Admission is $5. For ticket information or directions, call 912-884-4440 or 912-220-5966.

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