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Hinesville woman grazed by bullet
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According to an incident report filed by Hinesville Patrolman Donald Nunnally, a Hinesville woman is lucky to be alive after being grazed by a bullet Wednesday 

Kelly Ann Madison who resides in the 700 block of South Main St., was on propped up on her elbow as she lay on her bed watching TV shortly before 9 p.m. 

Madison told Nunnally she heard a faint pop which sounded like gunfire followed by breaking glass. She reported she felt something hit her in the back of the head, then she heard glass breaking again. 

When Nunnally arrived Madison met him at the front door.  Nunnally could see what appeared to be blood on the back of Madison's head.  Nunnally had her hold a rag to the wound until emergency medical personnel arrived to control the bleeding. 

Officers who went through her residence discovered what appeared to be a 40 caliber round which had gone through a sound barrier located on Veterans Parkway behind Madison's apartment.  The bullet went through her bedroom window, through a wall and struck a wall mounted mirror on the other side.  The bullet continued on into another bedroom and struck another mirror inside a bathroom located in the bedroom.  The round was found lying inside the sink.  

According to Hinesville Police Detective, Michael Bell, the woman was grazed by the bullet receiving a minor wound.  Bell said it does not appear the woman was targeted. 

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