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Home Depot volunteers go to work at Bryant Commons
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Volunteer with The Home Depot places a plant in the ground along Veterans Memorial Walk at Bryant Commons. Over 200 volunteers came out to help with completing the walk, Cisco Dog Park and install a playground area.

Over 200 volunteers from The Home Depot worked together with locals in completing Veterans Memorial Walk and Cisco Dog Park at Bryant Commons earlier today.

Volunteers arrived at Bryant Commons this morning and began setting up a playground, building shade benches, spreading mulch, gravel and planting flowers.

The project is part of The Home Depot Foundation’s “mission to improve the lives of veterans and their families.”

Ryan Braddy, project lead with The Home Depot Foundation, said a member of foundation is a resident of Hinesville and talked with members about Veterans Memorial Walk.

A team made a trip to Hinesville, looked at the area and decided to get involved.

“When we came here and saw the property and saw everything that it could be, we just knew that this was the place for us,” Braddy said. “You’re impacting the veteran community as a whole on so many levels. You got the veterans memorial, that’s a direct connection, our K-9 Battle Buddies, they’re going to be able to use this (dog) park for their training, and just a place to come and relax.”

Check back with the Coastal Courier for more on the volunteer work at Bryant Commons for the Veterans Memorial Walk and dog park. 

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