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Is this Halloween display inappropriate?
BadTasteHalloweenHouse5467RyePatch 001
Is this decoration appropriate for Halloween or not? Several people have complained that it is disturbing. - photo by Patty Leon

Messages and calls are coming in reporting what some are saying is an offensive Halloween display. A home on Rye Patch Road has several Halloween figures and displays across their yard home and patio. As you approach the house there is a cemetery scene with a spectral woman sitting on a swing next to her open coffin.

Across the patio a werewolf can be seen ready to rip through the screen porch and terrorize the neighborhood. A scary figure is peering through the second story window and little skeletons can been seen throughout the décor.

What some are finding disturbing is how the homeowner decorated the barn. As you drive by the structure there is a skeleton that seems to be waving at passersby. The skeleton is standing next to a figure of a man, who has a hood donned over his head, and is hanging.

Folks on Facebook say it looks like a scene from a lynching and it has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween.

“This is a disturbing and distasteful and concerning display,” Daisy Linton said adding kids who ride the school bus will see it.

The Courier drove by and took photos of all the decorations. We attempted to speak to the home owner but knocks on the door were not answered. We will continue our attempts to speak with the home owners.

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