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LCDA OKs timber services contract
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The Liberty County Development Authority held a called meeting Wednesday to discuss service proposals for a timber-management plan for undeveloped sites within its industrial parks.
On recommendation from the proposal review committee, the board authorized a contract with Professional Land and Timber Services, which received the highest score and also proposed charging the lowest fee at 3.75 percent of future timber sales, according to LCDA marketing director Anna Chafin. 
The opportunity was advertised publicly and distributed to an estimated 80 foresters in the state, Chafin said. The board received four proposals, which were evaluated and scored by an evaluation committee composed of two board members and two staff members.
The same company conducted a timber assessment on the authority’s lands earlier this year, and forester David Johns presented the board with multiple short- and long-term management options for its 2,005 acres of timber.
During the October meeting, LCDA finance director Carmen Cole said that the authority would like to generate $900,000 in revenue from the timber.
The options Johns presented in October included harvesting usable timber at one time, which could gross up to $1.3 million, or following a more conservative thinning prescription plan with smaller harvests every few years.
On Wednesday, the board voted unanimously to move forward with a present harvesting plan, but decided to table discussion on planting until a later date, Chafin said.

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