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Liberty EMA continues to monitor Irma

The folks at Liberty County Emergency Management Agency is still keeping a close watch on Hurricane Irma.

According to Samantha Abbgy, L-EMA Administrative Assistance the crew has ramped up their vigilance and operations procedures as of 8 a.m. this morning based on newer projection models indicating Irma has taken a slight turn in our direction.

“We are asking everyone to start looking over your emergency plans if you have not done so already,” Abbgy said in an email. “Hurricane Irma has taken a Northern turn as of this morning, but still has the potential to change directions. We have regular briefings scheduled with the National Weather Service, GEMA, and our Department Heads to go over any possible changes or impacts for our area.”

Residents are encouraged to monitor the storm and keep up to date on the latest news on the Coastal Courier’s Facebook page as well as those of our community partners.

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