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Liberty NAACP holding voter registration drive
Graylan Quarterman
Liberty County NAACP President Graylan Quarterman

An NAACP press release claims one in three young, female or minority voters who cast ballots in 2016 won’t vote in the upcoming election.
Those groups are known collectively as the “rising American electorate,” according to the NAACP release. They add up to nearly 60 percent of U.S. citizens eligible to vote, but still not registered or voting proportionately, the NAACP says.
Those disparities prompted the Liberty County branch of the civil rights’ group to launch what Liberty NAACP President Graylan Quarterman called a “massive voter registration campaign drive,” to register voters and remind those already registered to go the polls.
And time’s running out, he said. The deadline to register to vote in the May 22 primary is April 24.
“Registering to vote takes just a few minutes. Voting is one of the most important things we can do to improve our city, state and nation by changing the conversation,” Quarterman said.
The NAACP release also claims that 42.6 percent of the “rising American electorate” has moved since the 2016 presidential election, with millennials being the most mobile of the groups. Quarterman said the Liberty NAACP is looking to register first-time voters, who can sign up at 17½ years old, at local technical schools, colleges and high schools.
The release said the NAACP is looking for other groups to help to get people out to vote.
“This undertaking is going to require the effort of all civic groups and civic organizations,” the release said. “This is a call for your help as we strive to achieve 100 percent county-wide voter registration, representation and proportionate participation at the polls during all eligible elections.”
Though it’s a mid-term election, there are a number of contested seats on the Liberty County school board. In addition, Georgians will elect a new governor in November, and other statewide offices are up for election as well. In addition, there are seats up in both the Georgia General Assembly and Congress which impact local voters.
To participate or volunteer in the campaign, email or call 912-408-2278.

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