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Long County High School seniors recognized at banquet
6-2 Sun PaperB Hefley and G Blocker present K Walker w scholarship
Bob Hefley and Gerald Blocker present a check to Kaitlynn Walker for the Long County Protective Services Auxiliary $1,000 Scholarship. Walker was one of many seniors recognized Thursday at the 2013 Long County High School senior banquet at the school. - photo by Mikee Riddle

Long County High School seniors on Thursday were told to make the area proud as they were recognized during the 2013 senior banquet at LCHS.

Class President Erica Golden welcomed the large crowd in the high-school cafeteria, and Vice President Kylie Yancey blessed the food. Shortly after, a video of the seniors throughout their final year in high school was shown.

After the meal, keynote speaker District 167 Rep. Jeff Chapman was introduced. Chapman told the seniors that he had three different stories to tell, which would help them as they went on their way after graduation.

Chapman’s first story focused on advice he received from his grandfather, Woodrow Sapp, regarding an old car he was too embarrassed to take a girl out in as a teen. Chapman said that his grandfather told him that if she only wanted to go out with him because of the type ofautomobile he drove, then she wasn’t a girl he needed to be seeing anyway. Chapman told the seniors not to worry about what others thought, but to always be themselves.

The second story was about Chapman’s time in Air Force basic training. One of his drill instructors taught him that he needed to have respect for himself. He told the students that this advice changed his life, and that it could change their lives, too.

Chapman centered his final story on his grandmother’s advice after she heard him complaining following his election to public office. She told him that he needed to quit complaining and do the best that he could, because he asked for the job. Chapman told the students to always do their best that in whatever they accept responsibility for.

"Now, Long County seniors, go out and make us proud," Chapman said. Class Secretary Sara Parker then presented Chapman with a gift basket on behalf of the seniors and LCHS.

The class presentation followed, with each senior receiving a gift basket from a senior advisor.

Scholarships and special awards also were presented. Here is the list of recipients:

• Governors Honors Program Recognition — Dalton Long

• CTAE Pathway Award — Kirshana Calhoun

• Vince Dooley Award — Luke Golden

• Wendy’s High School Heisman Award — Luke Golden

• Altamaha Federal Credit Union $1,500 Scholarship — Dalton Long

• American Legion Auxiliary $500 Scholarship — Sarah Parker

• A New Beginning Church $500 Scholarship — Jasmine Calhoun, Luke Golden, Dalton Long

• Compass Worship Center Scholarship — Jacob Turner

• Army ROTC Scholarship — John Christiansen

• E.J. Junior Scholarship — Jasmine Calhoun

• Hispanic $2,500 Scholarship — Jesus Otero, Karen Darey

• GeoVista Credit Union $1,000 Scholarship — Jacob Turner

• HAPfan $500 Scholarship — Luke Golden, Jacob Turner, Ashley Murphy

• Kidz-Etc. $500 Scholarship — Ashley Murphy, Luke Golden, Jacob Turner

• Long County Chamber of Commerce $500 Scholarship — Dalton Long, Jacob Turner, Ashley Murphy

• $100 DAR Good Citizen Award— Kylie Yancey

• $100 SAR Good Citizen Award— Dalton Long

• Long County Protective Services Auxiliary $1,000 Scholarship — Kaitlynn Walker, Dalton Long, Jacob Turner

• Lincoln College of Technology $1,000 Scholarship — Jamie Blanchard II

• Ludowici Bank $1,000 Scholarship — Dalton Long

• Tracy Foreman $500 Scholarship — Demetrius Foreman

• Omega Psi Phi Fraternity $500 Scholarship — Sarah Parker

• Raymond Fulcher $500 Scholarship — Erica Golden, David Gilmore III, Jacob Turner, Luke Golden

• Ray Holloway $500 Scholarship — Jamaal Anderson, Shavonta Turner

• Promise Foundation $500 Scholarship — Jamaal Anderson, Jacob Turner

• Shawnee McGowan Memorial Scholarship — Ashley Murphy, Dalton Long

• Distinguished Athlete Award — Luke Golden, Kirshana Calhoun

• Scholastic Excellence Award — Jacob Turner

• Semper Fi Music Excellence Award — Cassandra Pelton

• Essay Achievement Award — Chris LaRochester, Jasmine Calhoun

• Literary Award — Erica Golden

• Best All-Around Senior Project — David Gilmore III, Kaitlynn Walker

• Salutatorian Award — Luke Golden

• Valedictorian Award — Cassandra Pelton

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