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Long County may combine courts
Long Co Courthouse
The Long County Courthouse is in Ludowici. - photo by File photo

The Long County Commissioners met Tuesday and discussed an effort to combine the county’s magistrate and probate courts into one.

The measure, which was tabled at Tuesday’s meeting, will have to be approved by the state legislature and commissioners want a public hearing to take place.

Commissioner Clifton Deloach was asked if he has mentioned this to the new probate judge, Bobby Smith, who will take office in January.

His response was, "I have mentioned this to him."

Also at Tuesday’s meeting:

Mischelle Orsini spoke on flooding issues concerning the Crawford subdivision.

According to Orsini, documents going all the way back to 2013 have been presented to determine what is in the best interest of the residents of that subdivision. She wants commissioners to identify a solution as well as a time frame in which it can be fixed. She said she also appreciates the effort that they have made.

Orsini said she believes that the commissioners should go after the developer whom she believes should be held accountable. She also has a strong interest due to the fact that school is now back in session, she told commissioners.

Commissioners discussed a memorandum of understanding between the Ludowici Police Department and Animal Control regarding a dart gun used for vicious animals that needs to be kept in a safe place.

"The sheriff does not want control," said Chairman Dwight Gordon of the dart gun.

A motion was allowed to the city police to keep the gun under lock and key in two safes, and only two people will have access to the dart gun.

Danny Norman of the sheriff’s department made a request to upgrade some radio systems for both the local county and emergency departments.

"The intent is to create a radio line that extends from South Carolina to Florida," he said.

All of Georgia would be incorporated into that system as well. He is working with the sheriff in McIntosh County and other agencies. He is also hoping to secure grants to cover the cost.

Also, Gordon publicly commended emergency departments for rapidly responding during last week’s tropical storm. The fire department responded to 64 calls, and other emergency agencies helped out in cleaning up different roads and areas that were affected by the storm.

"These people did a great job," Gordon said.

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