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Ludowici seeking grants for road work
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At the Ludowici City Council meeting Tuesday, the council reappointed G. Ben Turnipseed Engineering and ALGA Inc. to prepare and submit Coastal Development Block Grants for the coming year.
The council also approved removing Mayor James Fuller as the CDBG designee for the coming year and named Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Hamilton to the position. Fuller stepped down because he said the grant may cover some work on roads in the area where he lives, and he’s concerned about a conflict of interest.
Regarding possible road work, Councilman Mark Chesser asked the council to consider running city sewage lines to the remaining areas on Hendrix Street, where homes are expected to be built. Fuller said the action would cost around $60,000 and pointed out there are other areas with long-time customers the city may want to look at before working on Hendrix Street. Chesser said he just wants the council to discuss it and consider it in the future.
Fuller said Ludowici’s misdemeanor probation office is operating efficiently, and the city recently received a $16,000 check from the office. He also said the police department is doing a good job.    Ludowici Military Impact Liaison Mike Riddle briefed the council on recent Southeast Georgia Friends of Fort Stewart and Hunter activity. Ludowici joined the group in January. Riddle said he and Hamilton attended the group’s most recent meeting, and the panel encouraged more citizens, businesses and organizations to join Southeast Georgia Friends of Fort Stewart and Hunter, which is dedicated to enhancing the overall economic value of Fort Stewart and its surrounding communities through relationships among regional partners. Riddle also told the council that despite projected cuts to the Army and possible reductions in the area, he still expects sustained growth in Ludowici and Long County.

In other business, the council:
• reappointed Kathy Stapleton to the Coastal Health District board.
• donated $250 to the local 4-H club to sponsor a student.
• donated $500 to the Long County Relay for Life.
• reported that a note reminding residents to keep their trash containers away from roads and next to their homes would be inserted in water/sewage utility bills.

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