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Meet Bianca Pendleton, published author and international superspy
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Bianca Pendleton with her book, "The Delivery Girls: The Job Application." - photo by Tiffany King

Though only 9, Bianca Pendleton has already published her first book.

She is the author of "The Delivery Girls: The Job Application," a story about three girls named Mercury, Saturn and Neptune who all apply for the same job at the post-office and help others along the way.

Bianca, who likes to watch television, read, draw, play with her brother and toys, said she came up with the idea when she was 7.

"The mailman walked by my house every day and that’s how I got the idea," Bianca said.

Her favorite character is Saturn, who stands out with green hair and wears a purple shirt — Bianca’s favorite color. Bianca said she can see herself in that character.

Josephine Pendleton, Bianca’s mother, was integral in getting the book published. Josephine typed out the story as Bianca told it to her. She was told where to start a new paragraph, where to place

quotes and printed out the story for Bianca to edit.

"I was just typing what she said and halfway through, it sounded interesting," Pendleton said. "So I said keep going and it just turned out to be a series of events that each girl goes through in helping people that they don’t even know and they would go out of their way to help others. For her at, a young age, to explore the idea of it’s good to help others made me push her to write more."

Bianca did just that. Mother and daughter recently spent an entire weekend writing the other eight books in the series.

Pendleton said she decided to pursue publishing after visiting the media center at her daughter’s school, Taylors Creek Elementary School. There seemed to be a lack of books written by children and Josephine thought it was time get the story published.

"So I said, ‘It’s time for your book to come out. Made by a kid, for a kid. From the mind of a child for the mind of a child,’" she said.

Pendleton believes that adults often forget what it’s like to experience things as children and felt that Bianca’s story will inspire other children to explore their own ideas.

Bianca’s book is now part of the media center.

Media center specialist Bridget Clarke called Bianca "a very talented and well-versed student."

"Bianca loves to read. I particularly like how she has used various literary elements in her book," Clarke said. "She even leaves the readers with a bit of suspense. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Bianca is an example of what could happen when we (encourage) children to explore their creativity and push beyond the norm."

The book is published by Palmetto Publishing Group, a new company in South Carolina.

Pendleton found the company on Facebook and contacted them about Bianca’s story.

The publishing group held a contest where people sent in their manuscripts to be considered for publishing.

"Her’s was among the 10 they picked up. They were surprised when they looked at how old she was. So then they said ‘We can work with her. We can publish her book.’"

The publishing company asked for Bianca’s input into the illustration of the characters.

Bianca approved how the characters looked, their clothing, the colors of their clothing and hair — everything.

"They did offer suggestions, but that’s Bianca. That’s her book. They got to it her way. They agreed and they did the book for her," Pendleton said.

The book didn’t need much editing either. Pendleton had a friend, who is a writer, edit Bianca’s story, which saved editing fees publishing companies sometimes charge.

Although Bianca has already completed the "Delivery Job" series, her mother is waiting to see how the first book does before publishing any more. She wants Bianca to continue to put her education first and intends to put the money from books sales into a college fund for her daughter.

Bianca already has another book series in mind about the adventure of interdimensional girls who travel to different dimensions to get things that protect their own realm. She wants it to eventually become a movie.

Becoming a writer is just one career Bianca sees for herself. She wants to help in her younger brother’s future restaurant, become an international secret spy and travel the world.

Bianca had this advice for her peers, "They can be anything they want to be as long as they put their hearts into it."

"The Delivery Girls: The Job Application" can be found on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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