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Messy room moved to driveway
Dad wanted to teach teen a lesson
Messy room
A Long County father taught his teen daughter a lesson Monday afternoon when he moved her belongings and furniture to the driveway after she repeatedly failed to clean her room. - photo by Lewis Levine

A Fort Stewart soldier fed up with his daughter's messy room decided it was time to teach the teen a lesson. He moved all her furniture onto the driveway of the family's Long County home.

The father, who was moving his 17-year-old daughter's belongings back into the home when approached Monday evening by media, said he didn't want to identify himself in an effort to spare the teen further embarrassment.

The father said he and his daughter had been going back and forth for several days over the condition of her room and on Monday, he decided it was time to teach the girl a lesson. While she was at school, he carried out her desk, computer, bed and bookcase, along with some odds and ends, and set it all up in the driveway. When he finished setting up the belongings, he painted a sign on three sections of plywood that read, "Haley room moved to driveway. Clean it next time," and texted a photo of his handiwork to his daughter. She called his actions extreme. His wife, whom he later brief on "the move," agreed with the girl's father and told him to do what he had to do.

The father, who described the teen as a straight-A, honor-roll student, said he previously had warned her that he "didn't want to treat her like a soldier" and when the teen wouldn't listen, he decided to send a message.

The father later posted a photo of the scene on Facebook and was surprised at the reaction it garnered from family and friends.  
"I have been getting a lot of support from everyone who has seen the photo," he said. Robert Kitchings, who was driving through the family's neighborhood, spotted the "outdoor room," took a photo it and posted it to Facebook with the comment, "I have a new hero. This is the greatest thing I have ever seen."

The father said with a smile that a few people stopped and asked him if he was having a garage sale.  

The father and daughter later planned to visit a home-improvement store to buy some paint. "I told her I would paint the room tomorrow while she was in school," he said. "Might as well -- it is empty -- and give both of us a fresh start."

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