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Midway grants peddler license, gears up for election
Clemontine Washington
Midway Mayor Dr. Clemontine Washington is not eligible to seek re-election because of a two-term limit. - photo by File photo

Midway City Council Monday approved a license for door-to-door solicitors offering residents home automation, but they don’t know what fee to charge.

It may cost $50 or $7 daily or some other amount.

Mayor Dr. Clemontine Washington said she had not yet been able to find the city’s most recent ordinance setting the transient merchant license fee. Council member Melice Gerace said she thought the old ordinance setting the fee at $7 had never been officially changed.

Others at the meeting Monday said they recalled a daily license fee being set at $50 for the purpose of discouraging peddlers.

Smart Home Pro employees applied for the license and it was approved unanimously, but the fee apparently remains unknown. They plan to knock on the door of every home in Midway, except those with no solicitation or similar signs posted.

Steven Downing of Smart Home Pros said he offered Vivent Co. services and products that allowed people “to stay in contact with their home from anywhere in the world.”

Vivent links existing or future electronics like doorbell cameras, security monitors, video surveillance, thermostats, lights and similar devices to with homeowners’ mobile phones.

In another license approval, Live Oak Villas received permission to open a temporary rental office in the Midway Mall on Butler Street. The 60-unit development is being built between Butler, Martin Road and Highway 84. No time limit was set for the expiration of the temporary location.

Live Oak Villas occupies a 17-acre site and will offer 34 two-bedroom apartments and 26 one-bedroom apartments. Rents will range from $507 to $750 a month and apartment sizes are 750 square feet up to 1,050 square feet. Completion of the project is expected in the fall.

Live Oak Villas is aimed at low-income residents and will offer preference to veterans. Financing was done with tax credits for the project.

In other business, the council affirmed its earlier electronic vote to contract with the county board of elections to run the city’s upcoming November election. Washington said council members Gerace, Curtes Roberts and Levern Clancy had emailed votes authorizing her to sign the election contract. The council also named City Clerk Lynnette Cook-Osborne as the qualifying officer for the election.

The qualifying fee for mayor is $324, three percent of the long established salary of $900 monthly.

Washington is completing her second term and is ineligible to run for re-election. She could, however, seek a city council post.

Council candidates will pay $162 to qualify. Their salary is $450 monthly except whoever is chosen as mayor pro tempore gets an extra $100 each month. The current mayor pro tempore is Clancy.

Qualifying for the 2017 Midway election will begin Monday and end Friday.

The four council members are chosen under a no-posts, no-districts system.

All candidates run at-large and voters cast four ballots. The top four vote-getters are elected.

Besides Clancy, Gerace and Roberts, Stanley Brown is on the council. All are political veterans except Brown who is serving his first term.

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