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New organization formed to help Long County cancer patients
1 CARES Holds Bucket Drive for cancer patients in Long  Co
Long County High School 10th-grader Carrie Holtz and Ronnie DeLoach recently volunteered to help CARES raise money for cancer patients in Long County.

Cancer Association Relief Effort Support, or CARES, held its first fundraiser July 3 in Ludowici.

The volunteer group held a bucket drive at the intersection of Highways 84 and 301 raising over $2,600 dollars.
Leroy Lott, the president of CARES, said that the organization came about to help raise money for victims of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

He said the difference between this organization and many others is that all of the workers are volunteers, and all of the money raised stays in Long County.

“A few concerned citizens of Long County came together to be a blessing to residents of Long County,” he said. “The money goes toward immediate help for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.”

Lott said the group will conduct another bucket drive Sept. 4 and will have a booth accepting donations at this year’s Long County Wildlife Festival.
He added that the group will sell T-shirts in the future to help raise money.

Other officers in the nonprofit group are Stacey Berry, vice-president; Marjorie DeLoach, secretary; and Kathy Dykes, treasurer.
“We will also have donation jars placed in the Heritage Bank in Ludowici, the Ludowici Bank, and other locations throughout the county,” Lott said.

“If anyone would like to help in any way, please contact any of our officers or board of directors.”
Lott said he can be reached at 912-312-0285. To see pictures from the recent bucket drive, go to

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