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Possible shooting reported in Long County
UPDATED: 12:34 p.m.

A U.S. Federal Marshal may have been fatally shot this morning in Long County while serving an arrest warrant.

According to U.S. Federal Marshal Special Agent in Charge Stewart Cuttingham, the marshal, who has not been identified, was serving a warrant at a mobile home in Spring Creek Mobile Home Park in Long County when an incident occurred.

Cuttingham did not give further details. However, witnesses reported someone was taken away from the mobile home in an ambulance escorted by law enforcement vehicles.

According to an article posted on The Telegraph, a daily newspaper in Macon, the marshal reportedly died. They reported the marshal was believed to be wearing a protective vest, but suffered a fatal wound from a rifle.

They also reported a suspect is in custody.

The Courier will continue to update this story as information comes in.   


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